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Top 10 DJanes to check out in 2017

2016 was already celebrating women, overtaking the power of electronic music scene. As a matter of fact, Mixmag recently released its Top Ranking DJs of 2016 and The Black Madonna came first into their ranking! This shows an uprising movement from very talented women ready to shake this world.



anna xceed

The number 3 from our Top 100 DJ ranking last December is gonna be one of the spotlighted techno artists of 2017. With an upcoming album this year, no doubt that the Brazilian girl will continue her amazing productions always ranked on the top charts. She is a top rising star on the techno scene and she won’t stop in her path. Here at Xceed, we are absolutely fan of her real talent.


2. The Black Madonna

The Black Madonna was ranked 1st by Mixmag last December in their Top DJ Ranking of 2016 and this proves the rising success of this Chicago-based techno master which had proved a real musician vibe in all her productions. Since 39 years, she has given to the underground scene a subtle touch of inspirations from a crossover between House, Techno and Disco music.


3. Anja Schneider


Anja Schneider is the founder of Mobilee, one of the major labels of the Techno scene. Years after years, she became one of the leading women of the techno movement, playing along with the most renown artists such as Julian Jeweil, Nicole Moudaber and many others. Her Mobilee rooftop events are among the best intimate and cosy techno events in the world. She is often performing in Barcelona, Dubai or in Switzerland. Meet her at R33 in Barcelona next March, don’t miss it and get your ticket now!


4. Amelie Lens


Amelie Lens is the rising star of Techno in Belgium. In two years, came out of the dark, releasing an amazing track on Pan-Pot’s label Second State. Fancy of a melodic and aggressive techno, the 25 years aged girl made her country proud to feature a new talent on this scene. Thus, she’s not using her feminine side to play with during her gigs. She stays simple and straight, as her sounds resonate her personality.


5. Cassy


The British Cassy, that played recently in La3– Valencia, is since a long time part of the Techno music landscape. She played in the best clubs around the world such as DC-10, Output, Rex Club, former Trouw and Berghain’s Panorama Bar, and developed a real sensibility and personal touch to her sounds. Catherine Bitton released her first album 11 years ago, called “Donna” and she continued to give us insane productions such as her last remix from Lafleur – Flowerhead. She’s gonna play in March at R33 in Barcelona and at Amnesia Milano.


6. Nina Kraviz


Nina Kraviz has been for many years the major female figure of the techno movement. Loved or hated, she’s one of the best techno talents that the underground scene counted so far. She is the founder of the label трип putting a spotlight on upcoming artists such as Bjarki and renowned ones like Alan Fitzpatrick, Tale of Us or Josh Wink. No doubt that we’ll need to follow the Russian girl in 2017.


7. Paula Temple


She’s part of the line-up of the Peacock Society, one of the best festivals in Paris, taking place each year with some leading names of the techno scene such as Seth Troxler, Ben Klock or Fatima Yamaha. This testify that she is a fully accomplished artist and her hybrid live/dj set had always been rocking the biggest clubs in Germany such as Berghain and Tresor. Don’t miss her the 1st of April in Razzmatazz.


8. Deborah de Luca


The Italian girl born in Napoli, city where Joseph Capriati is also coming from, started from the bottom to the top, today being one of the main female figure of the techno scene. She started as a waitress and dancer in nightclubs while on she was practicing in the shadows, improving her dj skills to make her dream becoming true.


9. AZF


AZF is the new French upcoming talent of techno. We all remember her magical Boiler Room dj set with some really strong vibes and a really intense and personal style. Very often playing in all the biggest clubs in Paris and in France, her name is getting bigger and bigger and her number of shows keeps on increasing. She’s surely gonna be recognized internationally in 2017.

10. Nastia


Nastia is a Ukrainian techno DJ that started her career in 2005. For a long time, she wasn’t as known as her friend Nina Kraviz. But since her first years running projects at Kazantip Festival, she evolved, created her vinyl label and disrupting nightlife and techno in Ukraine. Nowadays, she’s one of the leaders of the underground scene and she’s touring in the best clubs and festivals of the world. Next amazing gig at Wall in Milan, grab your ticket now on Xceed.


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