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Discover David Pinup, the man behind House and Techno events in La3

La3 and its techno room Oven Club is undeniably one of Valencia‘s best nightclubs. Today, I am meeting David Pinup, the man in charge of everything related to techno and house music for La3. He recently introduced the “Wax” parties with Cassy, and this Friday La3 will celebrate its 7th anniversary with the father of techno: Laurent Garnier.


Hi David, tell me more about your background. What did you do before? How did you started in the business?

Everything started with a hobby: electronic music. I started as a club promoter for several nightclubs in Valencia, that’s how I got a foothold in the nightlife industry. It brought me where I am today, dealing with one of the most important club of the city.

Where does the idea of “Wax” come from?

The idea is simple, we wanted to create a new concept : electronic music events in La3. The main room of La3 has always been used for indie/indietronic music events, so we had to find a name which will differentiate this new concept from the rest. We had several names in mind but they didn’t fit much with it. One day, Pablo Pérez (the director manager of La3) suggest the name “Wax”. We all liked it and we started to work on the project.


What’s the philosophy of Wax?

The philosophy of the brand is “make the difference”. For this, we needed a punchy name, a good image like the one we already have and Ausias Pérez, an amazing designer who could reflect the style we had in mind. But above all, we rely on great artists from the underground international scene. I’d say music is 50% of the project because we also attach a special importance to the staging or the atmosphere when you enter at the club.



Which are you favorite artists?

Jeez… There are so many, I don’t even know where to start. If it’s for the career and recognition, I think I’d say Laurent Garnier, Moodymann and Ricardo Villalobos but there are also artists less known that I really like, such as Tama Sumo, Amir Alexander, Derrick Carter, Delano Smith, Glenn Underground…


What is the secret to book artists of such level and be able to bring them to La3 when all the other clubs around Europe are fighting over it?

Well, I think it is perseverance and good contacts. At the end, it depends a lot of the people you know and the years you’ve been in the industry.


Which artist you booked drove you crazy? Any funny fact?

I think all the artists are a bit difficult until they arrive in the club. Actually, managers are more complicated. But once they’re in town, everything goes smoothly. Funny fact? Of course I have some funny stories but I think I shouldn’t tell anyone. (laugh)
Regarding artists I booked, maybe I’d say Loco Dice was the fussiest but once in Valencia, everything was great, he’s an incredible artist and a nice person.


What do you think about the underground scene in Spain and especially in Valencia? How is it now compared to the past, and how could it be better?

The underground movement is growing really fast in Spain. It’s no secret that many people are promoting this kind of events… especially in Valencia. Madrid and Barcelona have seen this influence growing already a few decades ago. Valencia went through hard times recently, with some clubs closing, others opening, but the essence of Valencia is still here. We have the electronic music in our genes. We couldn’t avoid it as our fathers created “la ruta del bakalao”. Honestly, I don’t know how we could develop more the underground scene right now, it depends of higher institutions, the city hall, the government, political organisations, etc…

For you, Ibiza is still considered as the best nightlife spot in Europe? What would be the next one?

Actually Ibiza is for me the kind of spot to spend summer and take the sun for hours in some lost cove, I usually don’t go on the island to party. I am not a big fan of Ibiza’s parties, I always go more for underground leisure than mass entertainment and fluorescent colors t-shirts.

The next best nightlife spot? Valencia! (laugh). I am actually really happy here so I won’t move anywhere soon.

The track of the year?

Without a doubt, one of the tracks of the latest album of Srtato Aurora from the label Station Shiva Rec. a production entirely from Valencia. That’s a bomb!


Any project for the future?

Well right now, we just launched Discos Malvarrosa, a label that I recently inaugurated with some friends. Shortly, we should release our first EP on the international scene.


Awesome David, thanks for your time!



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