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mobilee rooftop

These are the 8 best showcases of the OFF Week 2018

OFF Week is undoubtedly the craziest week of the year in Barcelona. From Sunday to Sunday, the city becomes the paradise of any techno lover and also of those who prefer other music styles close to underground electronica. Styles that find in the third week of June a space to expand and show themselves to an insatiable audience. An audience that, year after year (and it’s been already more than two decades), fills each and every one of the locations for partying.

A kind of increasingly popular party in the OFF Week is the showcase. Showcases are events organized by record labels that bring together the best artists of their team to perform, either one after another or in b2b format, thus offering the public a musical product of maximum coherence and continuity. Next, we present what are, for us, the eight best showcases of OFF Week 2018.


8. Katermukke at La Terrrazza

katermukke off week showcase sonar barcelona

Katermukke was founded in 2011 in Berlin as a techno label, although over the years it also included micro and house sounds with a very powerful groove to its program. Its musical offer is one from which the public never gets tired. Ideal music to dance for hours without watching the clock. We will enjoy all its roster on Saturday afternoon at the open-air club La Terrrazza.

Where: La Terrrazza
When: Saturday 16th June
Lineup: Dirty Doering, Magit Cacoon, Niconé, Marcus Meinhardt and Rey & Kjavik



 7. Mobilee at Nemesis Boat Club

mobilee boat party rodriguez jr

Probably, Mobilee’s best-known face is Anja Schneider. The German producer and DJ founded the label in 2005 in Berlin and she established it quickly as one of the references of house music (melodic, deep, lo-fi and other sub-genres included). In the OFF Week, you can enjoy its sounds in the afternoon (from 4 pm to 9 pm) and in a boat that will depart from the Nemesis Boat Club.

Where: Nemesis Boat Club
When: Friday 15th June
Lineup: Tim Green, Rodriguez Jr., Jade, M.E.M.O., Bassel Darwish, Alex Clavijo and Rhoowax



6. Moon Harbour at Pacha Barcelona

moon harbour pacha barcelona

This will be a higher level musical event. One of the most beautiful clubs in Barcelona (with one of the best sound systems) will host an important and big list of very varied artists from the Moon Harbour label. From the capo Matthias Tanzmann to more techno proposals like Timo Maas, more deep house like Re.You or more groovie style like wAFF, Steve Lawler or Cuartero. Dance assured!

Where: Pacha Barcelona
When: Friday 15th June
Lineup: Matthias Tanzmann, Steve Lawler, wAFF, Cuartero, Mathias Kaden, Timo Maas, Re.You, Ninetoes, Luna City Express, Sabb, Sven Tasnadi, Manu Gonzalez and Zohki



5. Tronic at R33

tronic R33 barcelona off week

We could definitely say that Tronic and Christian Smith are one. Traditionally, the label used to celebrate a free party on a beach near Barcelona, but this year they opted to occupy one of the clubs that has set the tone during the year in the city, downtown R33. What does not change is the techno forcefulness of its line-up.

Where: R33
When: Friday 15th June
Lineup: Christian Smith, Deborah de Luca, Fatima Hajji, Pg&Dan and Rob Hes



4. Mobilee at The Gates Rooftop

mobilee rooftop off week barcelona

Mobilee wants to step harder this year in the OFF Week and, not happy with its Boat Party, the team pretends us to reserve forces for Saturday. The rooftop of The Gates is one of the most famous in Barcelona. It is located next to Torre Agbar, in the middle of 22@ District, and it has been the habitual home of Anja Schneider‘s label. On Saturday afternoon we’ll also dance to the rhythm of best house music.

Where: The Gates Rooftop
When: Saturday 16th June
Lineup: dOP (live), Tim Green and Timo Maas



3. Hungry Music at La Terrrazza (Day Party)

hungry music la terrrazza off week barcelona

This one will probably be one of the biggest ones. Hungry Music is the label formed by the melodic electronic music stars: Worakls, N’to, Joachim Pastor and Stereoclip. All of them will be closing the OFF Week during the day and under the sun at the emblematic La Terrrazza club. We can’t think of a better way to close this adventure.

Where: La Terrrazza
When: Sunday 17th June
Lineup: Worakls, N’to, Joachim Pastor, Stereoclip, Julì and Gerard Bauza



2. Cocoon at Pacha Barcelona

cocoon pacha barcelona sven vath

When we mention the name of Cocoon, Barcelona starts to tremble. Its creator, Sven Väth (who hardly needs presentation), never fails to his date in June with Barcelona. The OFF Week is a must for him. On this occasion, he has decided to put together his own event alongside with other artists of the family. And yes, it will take place in Pacha Barcelona and on Sunday night. A proposal only suitable for brave and inexhaustible ravers.

Where: Pacha Barcelona
When: Sunday 17th June
Lineup: Sven Väth, Dana Ruh, Einzelkind, Fabe and Bodin&Jacob



1. Pole Group at This Side UP

pole group this side up off week

The guys from HEX Barcelona already gave us a Pole Group showcase last year. On this occasion, they opt for a smaller, warm and welcoming club, in which the experience becomes almost a personal adventure between the artist and the listener. Pole Group is the label of Oscar Mulero and his entire troop. Needless to say, the exaggeratedly accelerated industrial techno will set the tone for this event.

Where: This Side Up
When: Friday 15th June
Lineup: Reeko b2b Lewis Fautzi, Exium (live), Kwartz, Pøli and Lorenzo



(Cover Image: Mobilee Records)