Tell us your poison, we’ll tell you where to party in Barcelona

Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are“, wrote 19th-century proto-foodie Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. Big deal, we say. That’s easy. So here’s a more interesting proposition: tell us what your favourite drink is and we’ll tell you where you should party. Barcelona offers a huge choice of nightclubs, we’re picking 3 clubs with an ambience to match 3 classic drinks.


cocktail-xceed-partyNatural orange juice, Grenadine, ice and, of course, tequilla. Lots of tequilla. This cocktail belongs to the Summer and appropriately named too as it’s the perfect drink to accompany you into the early hours of the morning. And if you don’t have that much stamina, we also recommend enjoying this cocktail during the sunset too. At Pacha, watching the sun slowly hide itself behind a picturesque beach scene is just the start of a long night of partying.

Experience the great ambience together with incomparable views. Let’s see who can last until the sun comes out.

Where? Pacha
When? Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursday, weekends



cocktail-party-xceedThe body of the whisky is mixed with the sweetness and intense taste of Liquor 43. Some would say it’s almost sickly sweet. It’s definitely an acquired taste but if you like it, it’s because you’re something a bit different. You like to try new things, experiment and break away from the crowd. In the same way, Razzmatazz’s TheLoft is also something truly unique – it’s not for the typical Tom, Dick…or the Harry either. Razzmatazz hosts Djs and producers at the forefront of the most alternative electronic music, destined for the ears of you adventurous bunch.



RON COLA: City Hall

cocktail-xceed-partyA simplified version of the Cuba Libre. A combination that we have all tried at some point. A safe bet. Just like Happy Techno in Barcelona, a club that has already made a huge name for itself in Barcelona. This Saturday, with it’s spectacular mixes from Lexlay (the founding Dj), accompanied by Dj and producers including Davis, Koen y Juan Mato, it’s worth ordering a rum and cola because it’s what the bartenders know best and can serve you the fastest. So you can get on with enjoying this party to the max.

Where? City Hall



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