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Houndstooth announces new vinyl-only release featuring Marcel Dettmann

Just before the ending of 2017, the artist led label operated by Fabric has announced a new release. The record will be featuring two remixes of Marcel Dettmann, one of the most influential proponents of contemporary techno. The artist is widely associated with iconic trademarks including Berlin, Berghain and Hard Wax, and stays true to his roots by consistently innovating his interpretation of electronic music, integrating art with the scene.

The release will be named Lucid Reworks, and will be based on the album that came out in August. Besides two tracks from Marcell Dettman, it features remixes from Radioactive Man and The Exaltics. Have a look at the tracklist below:


Second Storey

Second Storey – No Such Location (Marcel Dettmann Positive Remix)

Second Storey – No Such Location (Marcel Dettmann Negative Remix)

Second Storey – Moesha Moved To Margate (Radioactive Man Remix)

Second Storey – Ajunlei 8 (The Exaltics Remix)

The release will be out on 8th December. Can´t wait until then? Here it is a 1H mix of Marcel Dettman at Trouw that´ll keep you satisfied.