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Het Magazijn, the new 24-hour techno club in the Netherlands

A new techno club will soon open in the Netherlands, in the city of The Hague. Usually considered as a fairly quiet city, its reputation risks to change and mobilize party goers in the years to come!

150, that’s the number of people that Het Magazijn, the new techno club in the Netherlands, will be able to host. A small capacity certainly, but privacy will be there! This old wallpaper store even got the 24h license, an argument that will attract more than one techno enthusiast. In addition, the venue will feature a good sound system, the Funktion One, which will allow the clubbers to listen to quality music. The Hague is not a city known for its clubbing side, it only organizes a few festivals, and nightclubs are very rare. In addition, everything closes at about 4 in the morning (not very convenient for party goers!). Party revelers have to travel to Amsterdam or Rotterdam to satisfy their desire to celebrate. They now have nothing to envy their neighbors!

The Kwantum building will be divided into two parts: the Het and the Bleyenberg. The first part includes only the basement, which will be reserved for the club. The second one is scattered over the rest of the building. There is a rooftop, a bar, a café and a restaurant.

No programming has been announced yet. We only know that Friday’s line-ups will be organized by District 25, organizer of the Crave Festival, and Saturday by Het Magazijn. Tempting right ?! But patience guys! Let’s wait a few weeks, the opening is scheduled for July 6!