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The 10 Best clubs in Milan (… and why you should try them all)

No doubt Milan is living through its golden age as it candidates as one of the most cosmopolitan, upcoming & innovative cities in Europe, and guess what? Its clubbing scene, as well, is surely not just standing by.

Milan’s nightlife is shifting sides and looking straight at its northern European clubbing twins as (more and more every new season) Top DJs and old glories pass from the city to leave a taste of their sounds. Electronic, techno, house, hip-hop, Milan has everything to offer for any crowd. So get your drinks ready: here’s the list of the best clubs to experiment while living or visiting this amazing city.

1. Volt – The latest project in the city-centre

Why you should go: Opening in september 2016, Volt is the youngest club in town and -guess what- it has been built & remodeled right on top of Milan’s oldest club’s walls. Hell yea, 50 years ago this underground venue was launched with the name of Bang-Bang (later Divina). Today the location has been completely renewed and sets it self the highest bar in terms of cocktails and music standards.

Atmosphere: Welcome to the future. The project aims at the European Top Club’s chart fiercely. Brand new decks, L-Acustic Arcs sound system and light design made in Berlin.

Music: Axel Boman, Barnt, Boo Williams, Dekmantel, Deetron, Locked Groove, Mano Le Tough, Max Cooper, Pional, San Proper, Scuba and Tom Trago are just some of the faces that will spin discs during the upcoming season. Saturdays will focus on house music, while the other days will alternate different electronic-based-genres, as well as hip-hop and dance hall on university nights.

Recommendations: Pick your coolest clothes from the wardrobe and hit the dancefloor early in the night: this club will surely ride the hype it has created around itself and will most probably apply a strong selection at the door.

Pricing: Tickets & guest lists available here.


2. Wall – Electronic Mecca with a German mood

Why you should go: Minimal details, darkness, iron stairs and berlin sounds. Sounds great? Then say hi to your new home for your nights in Milan.

Atmosphere: The smoke machines & the dimmed lights will make you feel like walking on a dream!

Music: Definitely the most underground club in Milan. While Soul Clap, Maya Jane Coles, Adriatique and Dj Ralf will hosts the opening nights, the year-long DJs line ups will be inspired by its spanish brother DC10.

Recommendations: As many events sell out quickly, make sure you get an advanced ticket here before visiting Wall.

Pricing: Tickets go from 10€ to 18€ based on the night.

take it easy

3. Take it Easy – Electronic oasis

Why you should go: Party with friends is the way. You will be amazed by the sense of community that revolves around these electronic events.

The name itself says it all: take it easy! Don’t worry about strict dress codes or preconcepts and just concentrate on the music.

Electronic sounds, from both local Italian talents as well as classic international top DJs.

Recommendations: Be yourself.

Pricing: Xceed offers a limited half-the-price special deal on its app on Saturdays! Info, guest list & tickets here.



4. Byblos – It’s not chic. It’s trendy

Why you should go: VIPs, models, football players mixed with tourists and young local crowds contribute to the set of this famous venue open all year long.

Elegance is the keyword. Dress to impress as you enter one of the top posh clubs in Milan.

Hits & house music dominate the dance floor. On Tuesday hip hop e R&B will take you straight to the USA!

Make sure you are wearing an impeccable attire not to get bounced at the door!

Guest lists and tickets are available all year long. Try booking a bottle service for the full 5 stars experience.


5. Q21 – Get ready for the unexpected

Why you should go: Crazy and always different, this club offers 2 nights a week (friday and saturday) and Botox one of the most famous after-parties in town on sunday morning!

Atmosphere: Gay friendly & super chic with a touch of nonconformism. The upcoming season’s fridays will be characterized by an artificial paradise themed night called Uploading Eden!

Music: Room 1 dances with techno / house sounds by Carlo Mognaschi’s (the club’s owner and resident DJ) as well as numerous guests (such Otsgut Ton from Berlin’s Panorama Bar). Room 2 is all about R&B lovers.

Recommendations: Leave your rationality at home.

Pricing:  Get on the guest list or buy a discounted ticket here to skip the line!

6. Amnesia – International House Music Plaza

Why you should go: Sister discotheque of Ibiza’s famous venue, Amnesia Milano hosts DJs from all over the world and with its unbelievable light shows it will make you feel like on another planet!

Atmosphere: Mixed atmosphere and crowd. The real heart beating in here is the music.

Music: Electronic and house music. This upcoming season already reveals breathtaking events with international guests such as Ilario Alicante and Riccardo Villalobos!

Recommendations: Bring your friends for an unforgettable night.

Pricing: Guest lists vary depending on the night.

7. Just Cavalli – Treat yourself like a real VIP

Why you should go: Get a glimpse of the greatest hip-hop artist hitting town: from Chris Brown to Tinie Tempah, from Rick Ross to Wiz Khalifa.

Atmosphere: Great people from January to December: Just Cavalli is the fashionable and elegant club that you can hit all year long.

Music: Dance, hits and hip-hop make up for the club’s soul.

Recommendations: Guys warning: long pants and elegant shoes are a must to enter.

Pricing: Guest list start at 20€, tickets include a drink and queue-jump. Info here.


8. Alcatraz – The largest club in Milan

Why you should go: Alcatraz is the greatest club in Milan, with more than 3,000m2, it is the perfect venue to feel like in a Festival!

Atmosphere: Foreigners, tourists and students from all over the world meet here on fridays: get ahold of this boiling melting pot.

Music: From pop to rock. From dance to hits. There are tracks for any taste.

Recommendations: This place is huge. Hide & seek anybody?

Pricing: Guest list’s price varies based on the end. Check more info here.


9. Rocket –  Blending different styles in one place

Why you should go: Open thursday to Saturday and located next to the Navigli’s area, Rocket is the meeting point for a different underground movement of people, artists and events.

Atmosphere: Far from fashions and trends, this is the venue where stories from the best nights are born.

Music: Rocket’s Main Room, with its high DJ booth, is the beating heart of the club. Thursdays are for electronic and techno, fridays are for the “made by girls” format, and saturdays are marked by Akeem of Zamunda, with its hip-hop and trap sounds! iù in fondo la Go!Go!Room, più intima e nascosta!

Recommendations: Look for the hidden gem: the Go!Go! Room.


10. TOM. – The (non) ordinary club

Why you should go: This bistro-bar has a rear entry that grants access to a small yet famous club: Stock at TOM, look behind the black curtain or under the red neon light to find your way in!

Atmosphere: This place is the perfect venue on those uncertain nights: start with a fresh cocktail at the lounge bar and then shift to the dancefloors in just few steps.

Music: The weekly electronic / house buffet stretches to pop, indie, electro and disco. On tuesday you find one of the most famous hip-hop nights in town.

Recommendations: Don’t worry if a waiter offers you a tuna & caviar snack while dancing.. here is perfectly normal, ordinary!

Pricing: Free entry on guest list until sold out.

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