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Xceed-Lyon-Le Cartel

Dürüm Records: a tribute to Lyon’s house music at Le Cartel

Le Cartel is not a regular club. It is a real place of living, which takes place in an old dilapidated building in the heart of Lyon and presents an alternative and underground aesthetic that perfectly matches its trendy audience.

Opened in May 2019, Le Cartel is the result of a family initiative that contributes to the renewal of the Lyon art scene. There you will find: on the ground floor, a hybrid bar, Coffee Shop during the day and Cocktail Bar at night; on the 1st floor, a versatile and warm space in which Courses and Workshops are held around art and well-being (painting, yoga, meditation, embroidery…); and on the 2nd floor, seven immersive and exotic artists’ workshops in which you can stroll and meet many artists.


Xceed-Lyon-Le Cartel-Coffee Shop
Image: © Le Cartel


Life in the building is regularly punctuated by many events: parties, DJ sets, exhibitions, fashion shows, magazine launches…

Marie & Jeanne, the two sisters who originated this project love to promote feminism, solidarity, environment protection, artistic diffusion that you can find through its eclectic, noisy and committed programming.

Live music couldn’t be missing in a space like this. Regularly, Le Cartel turns into a club with an evening schedule in which the people of Lyon get together to start warming up for the night.


Xceed-Lyon-Le Cartel-Music Show
Image: © Le Cartel


Although electronic music is a frequent feature, the place’s programming also includes evenings of rap, hip-hop and even pop music, although it always maintains a very well-kept underground essence dedicated to helping emerging talents to shine over the city.


One floor, one atmosphere

While strolling around the floors of Le Cartel, you will regularly find workshops, live-painting, thrift shops or tattoo stands that are part of Le Cartel’s approach to offer entire, global and immersive events that open a door to brand new worlds.


Dürüm Records, protagonists in December

The next dance date at Le Cartel will happen with the crew from Dürüm Records. This is one of the most active labels and collectives defending and promoting Lyon’s house music scene. From 6 pm until shortly after midnight, 100d4l, The Sound of Music, Keedo and Molzz b2b 100d4l -in this running order- will reveal the hottest sounds of French city’s house and micro music. And, yeah, vinyl will be always welcome.



(Cover Image: © Le Cartel)