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8 ridiculous tattoos dedicated to electro music : when passion goes too far

Once upon a time, tattoos were the trademarks of the fearless. Bikers, punks and other marginal wore their tattoos to oppose themselves to the ‘normals’ who stigmatized them. But nowadays, tattoos are more popularized than ever. We’ve entered into a new era where tattoos can be tasteless and overdone, and in the techno/electro music world, the devotion of fans to DJs can go very far. Xceed has made a cute selection of the 8 best and ugliest tattoos ‘honoring’ the electro scene. From Daft Punk, Tiesto, Sven Väth to Ricardo Villallobos, those tattoos have all been done in the purpose to…to.. well, we can’t really tell why but it raises, somehow, admiration. It’s your call to laugh or cry. 


8. Carl Cox (sorry about that)

7. AVICII, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Hardwell combo

6. Daft Punk

5. Daft Punk again

4. Skrillex

3. Tiestö

2. Papa Sven Väth

1. Ricardo Villallobos