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Xceed Premiere 018: Priorat – Transgènic

The two original tracks by Priorat and the remixes by Marc Piñol and Velmondo (aka Arnau Obiols) make up Vondreib Records' second reference

I started working on this release a long time ago. It all started in 2018, when we closed a two-track release with Kevin and Ignasi from Vondreib Records, and we started looking for remixers. It was scheduled for autumn 2019, but due to reasons beyond the control of the label, it was quite delayed and, talking between the three of us, we decided to cancel the release, since both the label itself and I, artistically speaking, were changing our style. In January, I finished the demo of “Sonàmbul” and, then, with the acquisition of some machines at the beginning of February, I finished the demo of “Transgènic”. Later, during the quarantine, I finished mixing both tracks and, when Barcelona entered phase 1 and I could return to the studio, I finished them.

As you can see, the story of the Transonàmbul EP, the second reference of the Barcelona-based label Vondreib Records, has taken quite long. The Catalan producer Priorat, a regular on the Hivern Discs imprint (known for his greatest face John Talabot), has been cooking up the two original tracks that make up this release for some time now. They are “Sonàmbul” and “Transgènic”, two long-lasting pieces, which are always around nine minutes and which, although they have similar personalities, were conceived in a very different way.

Image: © Vondreib Records

With “Sonàmbul”, it all started one night around 1am, when I was coming home and I lay in bed with my laptop. The main idea is made with percussions and effects recorded in the studio, but with some synths and digital plugins. When I had the structure done, I was clear about what was missing and went to the studio to record my voice and the acid line that comes in towards the middle of the track.

The process of creating “Transgènic” was totally different. At the beginning of February, I started to build my eurorack and “Transgènic” is the result of one of my first jam sessions with it, spent in Roland‘s Space Echo RE-201, Keinemusik‘s Tyler Delay and a Strymon Big Sky. To that, I added later percussions of the Elektron Analog Rytm MKI and an Arp Odissey rev3 passed by the Tyler also and by the Big Sky, which plays the effects role all throughout the track. I made the bass digitally with a Roland emulator.

In addition to the two original tracks, the Transonàmbul EP also features a remix of “Transgènic” by the legendary Marc Piñol and another of “Sonàmbul” by the emerging – and increasingly consolidated – talent Velmondo, also known by his real name Arnau Obiols. The EP will be released next Monday 13th July exclusively on Beatport and Spotify, but today we can already listen to the original version of “Transgènic” in full on Xceed.

“Sonàmbul” is a rather slow and very psychedelic tune, trying to capture the feeling I felt that night when I got home. On the other hand, “Transgènic” is a much stronger track, and a bit more dancefloor oriented. It is the result of a continuous Jam Session between several elements of the tune and I imagine myself in the middle of a dancefloor like Nitsa Club’s, closing my eyes and dancing non-stop.


  1. Priorat – Transgènic (Original Mix)
  2. Priorat – Sonàmbul (Original Mix)
  3. Priorat – Transgènic (Marc Piñol Remix)
  4. Priorat – Sonàmbul (Velmondo Remix)


(Cover Image: © Vondreib Records)



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