7 Wonders of the World: Clubs Edition

Clubs are places where people go to have a good time, listen to music and meet new people. They all have common elements – a bar, a dancefloor, DJ booth…but these next 7 clubs put a refreshing twist on the classic set-up and take the clubbing experience up a notch.

Here we have the 7 wonders of the nightclub world, handpicked by the Xceed staff.


Le Batofar – Paris

This party boat is a perfect place to dance along the river Seine, famous for its top-notch music programming. It plays host to both live acts and DJs, pumping music well into the night and early hours. It has a daytime restaurant, cafe, and in the summer doubles as a beach where you can get some sun!

sound club thailand

Sound –  Thailand

Trippy, space age decoration and massive size make Sound Nightclub in Thailand worth seeing. The concept of Orbit Design Studio, there’s no shortage of colours or cocktails in this island venue and you can be sure to have a memorable experience. The club has 2 areas and serves inexpensive drinks.

mina mexico

Mina El Eden – Mexico

“La Mina Club” is the world’s only nightclub located inside a mine. 320 mts. beneath the surface, you can dance the night away in a cavern to the beat of their newly installed, state of the art audiovisual system. Exploration of the mine Mina El Eden started way back in 1586, and it’s glory days were between the 16th to 18th centuries. The mine shut down in 1960, mostly because of urbanization, flooding and its proximity to the city. Now you can explore the mine by day and party inside at night!

cocoon club

Cocoon Club – Frankfurt

Though now permanently closed, Cocoon Club in Frankfurt was a truly unique nightlife venue designed by the one and only Sven Vath. Echoing the organic, sticky forms of it’s title, Cocoon club was custom built for a completely immersive experience.  It had a huge dancefloor, raised DJ booth, lounge area and a restaurant!  Even though the club is closed you can still catch Sven Vath playing around the world bringing his sound and the Cocoon concept with him.


Watt – Netherlands

This club has also been closed, but is notable as the first of its kind – a sustainable nightclub that even has an electricity generating dance floor! Comprised of a main hall, a basement, and two rooftops. The club was built to be as energy efficient as possible, with 30% less energy consumption and 50% less waste and water use. Other unique features: the toilets were equipped with a rainwater flush system, a zero-waste bar and of course the dance floor which created electricity by converting the movement of the dancers into power. Cool!


Cross Club – Prague

František “Fanda” Chmelík created the walls of moving cranks, pipes, and metal which are illuminated with coloured lights and sound-tracked by a soundsystem worthy of both the venue and the artists that come to play. Notorious (for good reason) for its dark, alternative atmosphere, it began as a club for the creatives of Prague to congregate and has been evolving ever since. A must visit for anyone passing through the Czech capital.

sub six

Sub Six – Maldives

Situated six meters below the water, dance eye-to-eye with fishy friends a the world’s first (and only) underwater nightclub. Subsix is located 500 meters from Niyama island, in the Maldives’ Dhaalu Atoll. Guests are driven in a speedboat to the entrance, then descend a spectacular staircase to reach the deep-sea discotheque. Decoration echoes the natural surroundings, you’ll find coral chandeliers, ocean toned mood lighting, and a bar in the shape of a clam!

What’s the most unique club you’ve ever been to? Tell us in the comments!

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