Off Sonar Off Week Barcelona 2023 tickets

These are the must-attend events of the OFF Week Barcelona 2024

Barcelona’s craziest party week is around the corner.

A car, a trunk, a good sound system and great music. Thus, with the essence of “parkineo” present, OFF Week was born, now bringing together so many clubbers and electronic music lovers in mid-June in Barcelona.

It was labeled by some as the “Anti-Sónar” in its day, because of the direct competition in an illegal format that it created for the multitudinous festival. But now, both concepts are developing independently, making Barcelona the European home of the industry for a whole week. With so many showcases, exclusive b2b and names you can’t see anywhere else in the country, do you dare to let yourself be guided?

So that you start OFF Week early…

The week starts early and with big names in sight. The Italian Marco Faraone and his label UNCAGE will be among the first to make you dance on Tuesday, June 11 with a showcase at Input that will bring to Barcelona another heavyweight: the German legend Ben Klock, who will wake up the city to prepare for the week.

If this is still not enough for you, you have another date when the BPMs are expected to be even higher. Pacha Barcelona will have Fatima Hajji, Shlømo, Alignment and BIIA to test the foundations of the Barceloneta.


On Wednesday June 12 things get serious with the massive arrival of events spread throughout the city. Among the highlights, we find INPUT kicking things off with a showcase of Maceo Plex‘s label led by the boss himself and with two talents such as Avision and Madben.

At Les Enfants Brillants, the OFF continues a very juicy all night long. Apollonia, the trio composed of Shonky, Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom, will be in charge of piloting the spaceship from start to finish.

In the house of cherries, Cuartero has put together a lineup to represent his Sanity Records at Pacha. Sosa, Wheats and many more will be in charge of accompanying the label boss during a night full of groove.

Xceed’s Picks_

INPUT Dance Club | ELLUM AUDIO OFF BCN 2024: Maceo Plex, Avision, Madben | Tickets
Les Enfants Brillants | Apollonia (All Night Long): Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, Shonky | Tickets
Pacha Barcelona | SANITY: Cuartero, Jay de Lys, Joey Daniel, Manda Moor, Nacho Bolognani, Sosa, Wheats | Tickets
Opposite Barcelona | Salty Nuts Showcase: Fabe, Lauren Lo Sung, Alec Falconer, Cristi Cons, Neke | Tickets
M7 The Club | ENDLESS: Klaudia Gawlas, Lino Fuso | Tickets


On Thursday, June 13 the BPMs start to diversify, and the first proof of that is the return of PRISM. With a lineup yet to be revealed, it is expected to be one of the most facemelting parties of the week.

If hypnotic grooves are your thing, Les Enfants is back with a three-way B2B between Binh, Nicolas Lutz and DJ Masda to represent the Pieces label at their showcase.

Still short of ideas? Then Pacha opens the doors with Mason Collective inviting other selectors such as Fleur Shore or Aj Christou among others.

Xceed’s Picks_

INPUT Dance Club | PRISM: TBA | Tickets
Les Enfants Brillants | Pieces Showcase: Binh, Nicolas Lutz, DJ Masda | Tickets
Pacha Barcelona | MVSON: Mason Collective, Fleur Shore, Seb Zito, Aj Christou, Reme | Tickets
Opposite Barcelona | Half Baked 15th Years Of Love: Praslea, Dyed Soundorom, Margaret Dygas, Sam Bangura | Tickets


Want to get out of the club and dance in exclusive places? Friday is your day. Starting with Limousine and the Gang, the union of tINI and Gene that brings an unprecedented party in a secret natural spot in the mountains of Barcelona.

And if you’re looking for more surprises, there’s another secret location planned for June 14, 20 minutes away from Barcelona. Crunch and After Caposile promise to make us dance from midnight until morning with a lineup that includes AJ Christou and Manda Moor among many others.

Still, if you prefer to know in advance the club where you’re going to burn a shoe, we also have options. The minimal sound will shake the Catalan capital from different points, from Les Enfants with Traumer and company to Opposite Club with Arapu, Priku and Janeret among others. Top-tier stuff.

Still not enough? Pacha does not fail and will congregate Archie Hamilton, Chesster, Djebali and many more to distribute hits everywhere.

Xceed’s Picks_

Secret Location | Limousine and The Gang: tINI, Gene On Earth b2b Dyed Soundorom, Fumiya Tanaka & more | Tickets
Secret Location | Crunch x After Caposile: Alisha, AJ Christou, Manda Moor, Francesco Maddalena, Frank Storm, Francis De Simone, Pau Guilera, Rubenus | Tickets
Les Enfants Brillants | Get-traum: Traumer, Gescu B2B Sublee, Alex | Tickets
Opposite Barcelona | Berg Audio Showcase: Arapu, Priku, Janeret, Mihai Popoviciu, Andrey Pushkarev | Tickets
Pacha Barcelona | PIV: Archie Hamilton, Chesster, Djebali, Elvi, Fabe, Gaskin, Josh Baker, Kellie Allen & more | Tickets


Saturday night fever, baby. Put on your best clothes to dance under the mirror ball with the landing of the legendary Glitterbox to Barcelona, who will take over Pacha with disco icons such as David Morales, Mousse T., Melvo Batiste and more to be revealed.

If you still want to enjoy the most refined underground sounds, Les Enfants will turn on the engines of their ship for the fourth consecutive night with tINI, Anthea or Alexia Glensy and more at the controls.

Do you want to dance in the daylight? Here are our two favorite options: on the one hand, Kaluki‘s showcase with luxury guests like Richy Ahmed, wAFF, East End Dubs and many other top selectors in a secret location. On the other hand, you can go to Sitges and enjoy by the sea the beats of Sonja Moonear, O.Bee b2b Tomas Station and more in a collaborative takeover between Yoyaku and Trommel.

Xceed’s Picks_

Pacha Barcelona | Glitterbox: David Morales, Melvo Batiste, MiNNA, Mousse T. & more TBA | Tickets
Les Enfants Brillants | Partisan x Lemaia Showcase: tINI, ANTHEA, Alexia Glensy, Matthias, Ildec | Tickets
Secret Location | Kaluki: Cuartero, Daniel Orpi, De La Swing, East End Dubs, Pirate Copy, Richy Ahmed, wAFF, Wheats | Tickets
Hola Club Sitges | Yoyaku x Trommel On The Beach: Sonja Moonear, O.Bee b2b Tomas Station & more | Tickets


Sunday is no longer the day of rest in this non-stop week with a final wave of events. On June 16, Barcelona and its surroundings will put the icing on the OFF Week 2024 with artists like Marco Faraone or Yaya at Pacha, SlapFunk‘s double menace during the day at Output and at night at Les Enfants, wAFF at the top of the Atlantic Club or SWING inviting Ilario Alicante and Solardo to put rhythm to Hola Club Sitges.

Xceed’s Picks_

Pacha Barcelona | DoNotSleep: Marco Faraone, Richy Ahmed, Sidney Charles, Yaya, Mahony | Tickets
Output | SlapFunk x VBX: Cuartero, Daniel Orpi, De La Swing, East End Dubs, Pirate Copy, Richy Ahmed, wAFF, Wheats | Tickets
Les Enfants Brillants | Slapfunk x VBX: tINI, ANTHEA, Alexia Glensy, Matthias, Ildec | Tickets
Atlantic Club | Crunch: wAFF, Neverdgos, Frank Storm | Tickets
Hola Club Sitges | SWING: Ilario Alicante, Solardo & More TBA | Tickets

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