Top best summer music festivals in Cape Town in 2024

Cape Town summer season is the time and place to be when it comes to outdoor festivals. There are lots and all of them are iconic in their own way. Set in the most beautiful sceneries, with a mix of the best local and international DJs, these events get visitors from all over the world.

In Cape Town and its surroundings you can find festivals of all sorts. From one-day techno raves to weekenders with several genres and stages. Each event is a one of a kind experience. Is it the dreamy landscapes, the vibe of the people, or the music that takes you on a whole other journey? You’ll have to go and see it for yourself! Check out our top picks of best festivals in Cape Town this summer.

Smalltown Beat

A crowd of people watching a dj at a Smalltown Beat 2024

Smalltown Beat was born out of the necessity to provide a platform for the local talent. A platform for them to share their work and for the audience to discover new sounds, faces and names. And luckily, you will be able to be part of it. In 2024 the 4th edition of the festival will take place from the 9th-12th of February in Napier.

Since 2018, Smalltown Beat has played host to a diverse range of nearly 30 collectives and over 200 artists. From corners all across Cape Town, all of them are tied together by a consistent passion for music and a commitment to quality. Inspired by this collection of people, Smalltown Beat’s mission mirrors that commitment, aiming to deliver the very best in electronic and live music the beautiful African city has to offer. And to top it all off, they love sprinkling a bit of international magic in there too!

We Love Summer

group of people dancing at cape town music festivals
© We Love Summer

We Love Summer is a one-day festival and the name really says it all. The festival happens at different locations around South Africa, each with their own unforgettable vibe, happy people who are ready to celebrate summer, and great music.. This year We Love Summer happens at Cabo Beach Club and they’re celebrating 10 years! All you have to do is show up and you’ll have the best time.

The anniversary event will be one of the best ones yet: 5 stages, including secret line ups, pool areas and top tier DJ sets will be the stars of this eagerly awaited pre-summer season gathering. Join them to party for a decade of music under the sun!

Lighthouse Festival

group of people playing instruments at cape town music festivals

Electronic music on vacation. That is the motto of the unique concept created by Lighthouse Festival. Their flagship event is the Lighthouse Festival in Croatia, which since 2013 has grown into an international meeting place for artists, returners, and new guests alike with over 20 festivals in Europe and Africa.

In 2017, they touched down in the vibrant scene of Cape Town, and in 2019, they made their mark in Johannesburg. Since then, they’ve cultivated a thriving oasis for sonic innovation, musical ingenuity, and immersive visual art experiences. Their mission? To shine a spotlight on trailblazing artists and offer an adventurous playground for eclectic audiences. When you step into their events, anticipate an inviting ambiance, a seaside haven, and an exclusive, boutique approach – all epitomizing the core of electronic music culture.

Wolfkop Weekender

© Wolfkop Weekender

This is one of our personal favorites as the vibe is just unbeatable. The location of Wolfkop Weekender is the Cederberg mountains, along a river where you can float around with a whole bunch of happy shiny people, right next to the music stage. 

People go all out at this festival with amazing outfits, smiling faces and lots (really a lot) of lilo’s. It’s a relatively small and intimate three-day (choose from two weekends and/or a midweek) festival with only one stage where all the magic happens. 

Since this festival is in the peak of summer, it can get very hot! Even the river isn’t enough to cool you down sometimes so bring a lot of protection from the sun and drink plenty of water. They offer either a bring your own camping spot and have glamping tents set up to make your life easier (we’d recommend this option). There’s nice food trucks and pretty decent showers at the campground. Tip: glamping tents have power plugs, bring an electric fan! 

Search Festival

group of people playing instruments at cape town music festivals

Search Festival
was born as an experiment, a bold departure from the clichéd routine of New Year’s Eve festivities. What began as a whimsical idea evolved into something far greater, fueled by word of mouth, tireless dedication, and the unwavering support of passionate attendees. Today, Search Festival stands tall as a beacon of innovation in its domain.

It is multifaceted – it’s an action, a movement, a narrative, a glimpse into the future, a mindset, an awakening, and a revelation. In short, Search is a South African music festival that champions daring sounds and encourages active participation, all while striving to redefine New Year’s Eve events. Over the span of a decade, it has played a pivotal role in nurturing independent music culture, fostering a resilient environment for the lucky souls who stumble upon it.

Pangea Family Affair

© Pangea

Pangea Family Affair is an art collective. The focus is on art, music and the experience as a whole. All creations such as their exceptional stage decors and lounges are in-house designed and made. When you enter the festival grounds you will be in awe of the decor, almost as if you enter into another world. This festival is a curated event that aims to bring like-minded people together. Tickets are generally not available for public sale but anyone can apply to be a part of the tribe.

It is created by ravers, for ravers. Pangea does not announce their lineup, but (inter)national artists play to cocreate the magical vibe. There are normally 8 stages out of which 2 are transformational workshop spaces. On Sunday the party continues in the chapel at the top of a hill. There is a corner with (healthy) food trucks, a bar, and a restaurant.

In terms of music, they tend to go for progressive techno, nu-disco and afro house. The location of this festival is in the desert, which means during the day it gets really warm and at night really cold. The festival is a three day overnight event with the option to bring your own camping gear, book a glamping tent or a cottage. There is a pool and a natural pool so bring swimwear!


© Bazique Festival

Art, art, and more art. Bazique does not hold back on creativity and originality. The stages are one-of-a-kind and each is an experience on its own, that takes the festival to another level. The event has a large open space with interactive art installations, a silent disco, 3 music stages, glamping/camping grounds and food trucks. 

You could almost call Bazique the baby of Afrika Burn as it has a lot of similarities when it comes to art pieces and experiencing different environments. (Also a lot of walking over the baby ‘’playa’’, so bring comfortable shoes). The vibe is artsy, international and expressive. 

Showers are available only in the glamping areas and are only accessible to glamping ticket holders. There are basically no showers for general camping, most people come with their own setup. It’s super hot during the day and can get very cold at night so come prepared and basically bring your entire wardrobe. There’s a lake that you can swim in.

Sexy Groovy Love

© Sexy Groovy Love Festival

Young, hip, mindblowing locations, and great music. Sexy Groovy Love is a one-day festival held in different locations around Cape Town. Think colorful, diverse, and good vibes all over.  The name kinda says it all; it’s sexy, groovy, and full of love. Each event has at least two stages, held either at an old castle or a mansion with a pool and garden not too far from Cape Town. Mostly a younger crowd, hip and great deep house music. 

It is good to know that you should pre-order an Uber or driver for the end of the festival if you don’t come with your own transportation. At the locations outside of Cape Town there are no Ubers or taxis around, though lifting back with a fun party car that leads to a good after-party isn’t too bad either 😉 

Rocking the Daisies

crowd in front of visuals at cape town music festivals
© Rocking the Daisies

Rocking the Daisies is completely different from the other festivals in South Africa. It’s mostly a live music festival with a great diversity of genres such as hip-hop, rap and deep house.  Think Coachella with an African twist; top artists, live performances, people are dressed up at their best and the vibe is just unbeatable. Mixed crowd; all ages, ethnicities and types of personalities. There are food trucks, merchandise vendors and bars. 

This is a three-day festival where you can go all out! There are several camping options from standard glamping tents to super deluxe furnished tents and camps. People definitely don’t hold back on this one. A lot of live music at several stages, there are some smaller stages too with deep house DJ’s and techno. 

Retreat Yourself

© Retreat Yourself

Retreat Yourself is not just a dance festival, it’s also a wellness festival. In between dance sessions at the several stages, you can go for a yoga class, meditate to recharge yourself after a wild night or do an energetic healing of some sort. It’s more of a – slow down and truly connect with yourself and others – type of festival. 

It is a weekend festival to dance, relax, recharge and connect. It’s for anyone who’s looking for an experience that is about more than just really good music. There’s music all day until about 2 am so you can rise and shine early for some yoga and soul and body nourishing sessions! There are workshops to attend, cooking classes, spiritual lectures, sweat lodges and kids activities. You can also go to an outdoor cinema for a (romantic) movie night and there is a village market with food, drinks and crafts. 

There is always live music, jazz, disco and a little electronic house music. Even late nights of comedy! In short, it is a family friendly, meat-free, and conscious festival. There are a lot of different things to do so something for everyone. Accommodation options are cottages or glamping tents. The location is absolutely stunning and very peaceful, in the heart of nature. 

Love & Light 

© Love & Light

Love & Light is known as the best psytrance festival in South Africa. This festival is oldskool, it’s been the top psytrance event for over 10 years, and it’s a place for truly authentic psytrance music lovers and rave OG’s. Next-level production with an incredible sound system and stage designs. If you love psytrance you’re in for a treat with this one! 

Set on an ostrich farm just outside of Cape Town the organizers of Love & Light have transformed the venue for what is set to be an incredible gathering for all seeking world-class music and production. The older crowd and real rave OG’sm authentic psytrance music scene lovers. Production is next level, with an incredible sound system, and stage setups.   

It is a one-day festival about 40 mins from Cape Town. Possible to drive there or take an Uber, and pre-order one for the way home , as there are most likely no Ubers (or any taxi) in the area to take you back home. 

Kunda Valley

group of people watching others playing instruments at cape town music festivals in a valley

In the valley, time dances to its own rhythm, as the gentle whispers of life resonate through the earth, crackling with an electric force that binds us all. It’s here that Kunda Valley has established its vibrant hub, fostering a community rooted in unity and nourishment, where the untamed and unconventional flourish alongside the familiar.

This extraordinary gathering takes place within the embrace of Diepklowe Conservancy – a sprawling 550-acre sanctuary of untouched wilderness. In addition to their mindful practices, all ticket holders are required to contribute a R100 conservation fee upon entering this natural haven, a commitment that directly supports the preservation and rejuvenation of the valley’s rich biodiversity. Commitment,sustainability, live music, DJs and unparalelled vibes in the nature.

Craving more? Cape Town and its surrounding areas are active on the scene all year round with dozens of clubs and ephemeral events that are gaining more and more supporters every day, always with the South African flavour that makes them so special. Find your favourite below!

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