Since 2009 we passionately work on building the ultimate going-out community by uniquely leveraging data-driven technology to empower millions of businesses around the world to better manage their spaces and events, and to reach billions of party lovers.


Bring people together to live memorable going out experiences.


Xceed exists to create a world where everyone can live extraordinary experiences by joining authentic music events and connect with inspiring people.


1. Moderation is Fatal

We are fearleslly bold and think beyond rules. We believe it takes courage to write change.

2. Taste everything

We are the discoverers of the future and take nothing for granted. We are curious. Everyday. About everything. We listen carefully to every customer, we forge trends, we experiment.

3. Have no plan B

We don’t get too many things on our platter. Focus and ambition for excellence are our everyday’s snack. Perseverance is what takes us from A to Z under any circumstance. We never leave details to fate. Only perfect results count.

4. Inspire

We envision a sustainable world where empathy and sense of community will drive humankind’s passion for creativity and arts.

5. Don’t ask if the party is going to be fun.

Changing the world won’t always be pretty. Have no fear, and make sure to have a good time throughout the journey.



Our tagline WE GO OUT represents our marketing voice. It is the most simple, timeless and positive form describing who we are: a community with a clear purpose, living unforgettable experiences

We are bold.

We connect with both millennials and generation Z through idioms, arts, humor, neologisms, and other expressive particles that are common in younger and more urban language. Our communication style is fueled by feelings of extremeness, transgrassion and fearless passion.

We are creative.

We are all-in for spontaneous plans, authentic experiences and diverse events and we reflect this in our marketing voice. We believe that blending different senses is essential in delivering strong emotional responses to artworks.

We are caring.

Being close to our customers is as crucial as giving back to the communities in which we are present. We do so by ensuring their access to the best events and venues is completely frictionless, as well as by supporting and promoting a lifestyle based on respect, joy and love for the others.

We are wise.

We believe our community should be inspirational before anything. Giving meaningful messages is our duty.


Our photography inspires both our business and consumer audiences to live the best nights of their lives.
Photographs and videos conveys the motivation to live extraordinary experiences and their emotional payoffs.
The body movements and the connections amongst people. The electric charge in the clubs’ air during the closing song. Our photography is not there to show subjects, rather to tell the stories behind them.