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Xceed-Podcast-Vini Pistori

Xceed Podcast 016: Vini Pistori

Melodic house, glimpses of indie-dance and intimate electronica from one of the most outstanding emerging talents in Brazil

I’m passionate about electronic music, and mainly for music with identity. I always try to show myself through my music. In other words, I try to tell a story through my sets. A story of joy, happiness and a little bit of mystery and drama.

Vini Pistori is a producer and DJ from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who has found in the fields of melodic and intimate electronic music and in genres such as low-bpm indie-dance and experimental house the right tools to express his conception of electronic dance music. At the age of 12, he was already a regular at underground parties in his hometown. House and techno music of the 90s began to carve out a musical personality that later also acquired the melodies from progressive house and even classical music.

Xceed-Artist-Vini Pistori
Image: © Vini Pistori’s Press Kit

Almost always, my music has melodies and percussion elements. This time, I included in the mix some unreleased tracks from some friends. Pay special attention to the third track of the set; it is a new remix I did not so long time ago for a great artist, and which will see the light in a few months. It is a little bit different from what I normally produce.

Vini Pistori’s music has already been played in clubs and festivals such as D-Edge, Pacha, Laroc, Resonância or the Leeds Festival. More and more people are looking at his talent, both as a producer and as a selector and DJ. That’s why we wanted his proposal to be featured on Xceed.

I recorded this set in May, I don’t remember exactly the day. It happened in my house, in Sao Paulo, and I used the CDJ 2000NXS2 and the mixer Pioneer DJM 900NXS2.

During the quarantine, we saw Vini Pistori on a Wednesday in April performing in streaming for the Neapolitan club Duel Club, with whom we also collaborated in our We Stay In movement. As for his last works in the studio, Vini Pistori will release in the following months new music on labels such as OMENI and Calypso Records, among others. Vinicius is a young guy who wants to go far being faithful to the music that best represents himself.


(Cover Image: © Vini Pistori’s Press Kit)

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