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Xceed-Podcast-Daniel Dejman

Xceed Podcast 011: Daniel Dejman

A 1-hour techno journey to celebrate the release of the STTÆB EP, the latest work by Serbian Daniel Dejman

Understanding the outcome of the culture clash between Eastern Europe and the American world view could prove indispensable to understanding Daniel Dejman‘s music. This rising techno producer was born in Niš, a town in southern Serbia, halfway between Belgrade and Sofia and not many kilometres away from the border with Kosovo. Daniel Dejman lives in Chicago, in the northeast of the US, and from there he tries to build a message through techno music that is welcomed in the underground scene of Illinois.

The music I make has a lot of 90’s influences, with a bit of hard-driving underground and fast-paced beats. I consider myself a hard-house and techno producer, but I am always trying to push the boundaries of genres and styles. I think my approach to the techno scene is a little different.



Daniel Dejman has just released the STTÆB EP, a work that has seen the light on his own label Slow Dancing To Techno, and that is composed by the original track, a remix by Rojii and an additional vocal mix by Daniel Dejman himself.

I’ve incorporated the vocal flip edit from my new STTÆB EP in this mix, which was done in Ableton at my home studio. It runs off two Akai RPM8 studio monitors, one KRK 12s studio subwoofer, and an Apogee Duet soundcard. I utilize Rekordbox to organize and set up the playlist prior to loading each individual track into Ableton to mix. Each track has an EQ-Three in order to properly mix each individual track as I would on a live mixer.



In this hour of music, Daniel Dejman brings us tracks from proven artists of the international rave scene, such as Pär Grindvik, Truncate, JKS, Amotik, Pfirter or more experimental names like Textasy.



(Cover Image: © Daniel Dejman’s Press Kit)