Top 5 clubs in Turin (…and why you should visit them all)

Few Italian cities have such a buzzing and active nightlife as Turin. The capital of Piedmont, the Mole Antonelliana and Juventus, it is also one of the home of techno, house and many other electronic genres in Italy. 

We want you to enjoy the scene wherever you go, and serve as your guide, so we’ve selected the top 5 clubs in the city. And as you know, no one cares more about you going out and having an epic night than we do. After all, you might match our tastes or discover clubs you haven’t even heard of yet, so trust our suggestions!


Why you should go: One of the most avant-garde and renowned venues in Turin is undoubtedly Audiodrome Live Club. Built on the foundations of an old industrial factory, just a few steps from the centre of Moncalieri, the club boasts a very underground atmosphere. 

Although it was born with the aim of promoting rock music, it offers a wide variety of shows ranging from electronic music to rap and hip hop. The team at this prestigious club say of Audiodrome that “It’s not a club focused on one specific genre of music, it’s a quality music club”. The room is capable of holding up to a thousand attendees and has a high quality lighting and sound system.

Atmosphere: Audiodrome has one of the most loyal clubbing atmospheres in all of Turin. If you are one of those people who spend hours flying and dancing in a sea of lasers, this is the place for you. 

Music: As we’ve already told you, Audiodrome has it all. But as faithful ravers, we have to highlight its commitment to techno, hard techno and house in its different aspects.

Recommendations: The SHOUT! and [OVER] sessions. The best house, techno and hard techno DJs every Friday and Saturday, take our advice. 

Prices: You can go to Audiodrome with Early Birds for 10€, and Early Birds with a club t-shirt for 15€


Why you should go: This club has been built on the foundations of the old La Gare discotheque, a club that influenced Turin’s nightlife for years. Now it’s the turn of Milk, which, with a completely revamped image, has been trying to become the new epicentre of Turin’s nightlife for some time. 

Atmosphere: Young, modern, international. Milk hosts everything from Erasmus parties to clubbing nights. 

Music: A bit of everything. Immerse yourself in a musical fusion ranging from electronica to hits and reggaeton. 

Recommendations: Be sure to check out the programme before you go to ensure that the night is in line with your preferences. Jungle, College, The Squad… They have plenty of sessions to choose from!

Prices: They vary depending on the event, but their tickets are usually around 20€.


Why you should go: Active since the 80s as a discotheque, the old brick building at Via Modena 55 opened its doors to young clubbers when the neighbourhood was still far from any creative discovery. Today, the club reopens its doors with a new management and an original programme with the aim of becoming the place to listen to high quality sessions (artistic and sound with an FK1 system), attracting also fans from out of town. 

Today Azimut presents itself with a new identity, targeting an attentive and transversal audience (from millennials to die-hard fans). The room is divided into several spaces, from the large Silver, an industrial amphitheatre surrounding the booth, to the intimate and dazzling Gold enhanced by its golden and shiny touches. 

Atmosphere: At Azimut you’ll find ravers who know what they’re about. Their laser and neon show will make you fall in love with the place.

Music: The most select of the underground: techno, groove and house are some of the most recurrent genres, but its programme also includes experimentation and new trends with artists such as Quelza, MRD and Matrixxman. The big names are also present with sets by legends such as Apollonia and Chris Liebing.

Recommendations: Wear the most comfortable trainers you own, you’re going to need them with so much dancing. 

Prices: Azimut Early Birds are available from 15€.


Why you should go: Let’s talk about a club that your parents probably knew about back in the day. Although we may not be aware of it, it has been going out to dance and enjoy the weekends for many years now. This legendary club has always had the ability to anticipate and adapt to the trends that the city of Turin has experienced over the years.

When you descend into the basement of Centralino, you will find a long hallway lined with mirrors that will lead you directly to the main stage. One of the most picturesque details of this unique room is that it had real telephones to communicate with the most interesting people at the tables next to it…. How romantic, uh? 

Atmosphere: Centralino has a remarkable variety in terms of musical genre, so the atmosphere tends to vary depending on the night you go.

Music: Not only will you be able to attend Hip Hop and trap events, you’ll also have melodic techno nights from the hand of tr!p or the hard of Insound.

Recommendations: Now there are no more phones, but there is still a desire to create spaces and events to meet people of the most varied tastes Go and explore this historic space!

Prices: Super Early Bird costs as little as €10, while events with VIP access are around €20.


Why you should go: One of the most avant-garde and inspiring concepts in Turin is led by the Bunker team which, since 2012, has been dedicated to cultural activities of various kinds. The location is a warehouse restored and equipped to host musical events, concerts and even theatres.

Atmosphere: Creative and experimental. At Bunker there is space for multiple disciplines so that you can bring out your most inventive side and merge with what you are most passionate about. 

Music: Bunker is also, of course, clubbing territory. They offer events with strong underground connotations finding their maximum expression in the field of electronic music: tekno, hard techno, house…But there are also rock concerts and hyperpop events. 

Recommendations: To enjoy the Bunker experience to the fullest, we recommend you to be open to new experiences and let yourself be carried away by the unique atmosphere of the place. And don’t forget to wear earplugs on electronic music nights!

Prices: Their tickets are usually quite affordable, as they are available at prices between 12-15€. 

Are you missing something on the list? In addition to our recommended ones, we invite you to take a look at Recall, Outcast, Hiroshima, Q35, Kogin’s, Moya and Spazio 211 to find your musical paradise in Turin!

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