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The “Off the Record” interview with Fabrice Gadeau, director of Rex Club

Since its opening, Rex has emerged as one of the driving forces of the Paris scene. Located on the famous Grands Boulevards, next to the movie theater of the same name, Rex Club is one of the Parisian clubs that has kept a soul and an authenticity throughout the ages. It will be celebrating its 30th birthday this year. Its director, Fabrice Gadeau opened up to Xceed to tell us the story of this legendary club.


How would you describe Rex Club in one word?

The Home

How would you describe Paris’ nightlife at the moment?

It is recovering. The attacks of late 2015 have seriously damaged the nightlife and also the club for almost a year. Things are back in order but the nightlife does not have the craze we had in 2015. The wheel turns, and Paris, which was at the top in 2015, will come back at the next spin.


I was lucky enough for having lived in Paris during the 25th birthday of Rex. Nina Kraviz and Omar S thrilled the club. What are you going to do to celebrate the 30th year as intensely?

To avoid disappointment and not being able to welcome everyone, we opted for a festival that will take place all year long, and not only at Rex but also outside the walls and also beyond the borders to develop our French artists abroad, the residents of Rex.

According to your words, no other club has a story like Rex Club. What is the driving force behind this success?

Rigor and independence. We decide and we respect our commitments once taken. Rex club is very serious, despite some difficult times we are still here, 30 years later, without having betrayed the music.


How did you start with Rex Club?

As a party animal, of course, but I quickly became an organizer in 1993, when I organized my first party at Rex: Abracadabra.

What did Rex bring to Paris and what was missing in the capital?

The Rex mainly supported electronic music before almost all the others except for Luna and Boy. At the time, few institutions were playing this music. There was a clubbing “prestige” with the baths, the palace, Regina but otherwise, it was mostly “discotheques”. Rex Club, then the Gibus and others changed that by playing something other than the hits heard on radios at the time.

Since its creation, what are the distinctive signs of Rex’s identity?

The unique sound system, and since 1995, it’s the best club in Paris, according to many people.


We probably know it, but which artists contributed to the success of Rex?

The principal was obviously Laurent Garnier who took Rex Club to another level with the Wake-up parties at the time, with guests all more prestigious than the others.


What are the creative risks that Rex has allowed you to take?

I have total freedom on that side, I can take all the risks that I wish. It’s a chance but it’s also dangerous, there is always a risk… Sometimes It can happen that we take too many risks or not enough.


Which parties are you most proud of?

Automatik, it was more than 10 years of techno every Friday at Rex. It is thanks to the results of these parties that I produced events with Christian who, at the time of his departure, offered me his position of Director.

What are the interesting relationships that you have created thanks to the Rex?

The list is very long, the nightlife world brings together a lot of people very different from each other. Evolving for 25 years in this world has allowed me to meet people from all countries and from all backgrounds. But I do not like the “interesting” side in my relationships, I stay close to the people I love without necessarily having an “interest”.


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