That’s been the way. When we designed our Top-10 of 2019 so far with our #XceedPicks on Spotify, we noticed it. It seems a settled truth that the production level, compared to last year, has decreased. If you check our ranking of a year ago or the one we published at the end of 2018, you will see that many of the tracks were a must. They were treasures that made 2018 a great year to remember.



2019 still has a lot to say. We have no doubt about that. Meanwhile, we are facing the summer to the rhythm of pieces that are marked, above all, by the change of style of some artists, such as Patrick Topping, Leftwing : Kody or Maceo Plex. Let’s enjoy them.


Rebüke – Along Came Polly [Hot Creations] [2018-12-07]

He found the long-term house sound boring, tiring, repetitive. So, he decided to “do something about it”. That’s how Rebüke was born, an alias that literally means “trying to correct a mistake” and that protects the music of this young Irishman, who finds his main weapons in techno, rave (yes, rave) and the novel house sound. With “Along Came Polly”, his first big move on Hot Creations arrived. And, since then, the track hasn’t stopped being played in the clubs. It will be difficult for you to set foot on Ibiza without dancing to Rebüke at least a couple of times a day.


Glowal – Cries [Innervisions] [2019-1-18]

Fabio Giannelli and Alessandro Gasperini didn’t make much noise until now. Well, actually, until, at the end of 2018, a guy called Dixon began to play an unknown masterpiece in his sets, a track whose melodies stunned the spirit and lifted the listener while wrinkled frequencies kept the craving for dance on a high pace. Then came others, such as Solomun, Damian Lazarus, Âme or Adriatique. Until one day we figured out the mystery. It was “Cries”, a piece by the Italian duo Glowal, unknown to many, that would be born in the Secret Weapons 11 LP, on Innervisions label. At the end of the day, it all made sense.


Patrick Topping – Watch What Ya Doing (Original Mix) [Trick] [2019-2-15]

“Of course, I can be the best at producing tech-house, but if I feel like doing something harder, I won’t limit myself.” Patrick Topping might have said something like this before creating his own new label: Trick. He disassociated himself from the sound with which he broke into the tech scene 5 years ago (“Forget” was the best-seller tech-house track of 2014) and surprised us with a 3-track EP in which we meet a cruder and rougher side of Topping. “Watch What Ya Doing” is, we believe, the best of those 3 artworks.


Mathame – Skywalking [Afterlife] [2019-2-22]

From hit to hit and play again. The Giovanelli brothers are one of the greatest results obtained by Afterlife label, owned by Tale Of Us, since its creation in 2015. Amedeo and Matteo marvelled the melodic techno world with “Nothing Around Us” last year (ranked #3 in our Top-20). In 2019, they barely waited a month and a half to repeat the feat. That’s how “Skywalking” was born, a track in which the vocals take a step to the side to let the synthesizer be the total protagonist.


Palms Trax – To Paradise [Dekmantel] [2019-3-18]

Jay Donaldson is German and, by the way, one of the best producers of deep electronica, always far from house and techno characteristic structures. His figure as Palms Trax has always been linked to the cult festival Dekmantel, in whose mainstage he’s performed frequently. In recent years, he has already given us great artworks such as “In Gold”. In March, he gave the genre another hit with “To Paradise”, another track full of emotion, sweet harmonies and delicate bases.


Andy Bros – Diamante Blu [Diynamic] [2019-3-29]

We heard it for the first time at the Afterlife marathon party (24 hours) in the ADE 2018. That day, Amsterdam danced before four monsters like Dixon, Solomun and Tale Of Us playing b2b2b2b for many hours, while many bombs sounded. One after the other. No exception. Until this sounded. Shazams on high. No one was successful. And months passed. Almost half a year later, Diynamic (label owned by the same Solomun) moved tab. It was, in fact, a diamond in the rough. It was another masterpiece by a guy who doesn’t get all the attention he deserves. It was “Diamante Blu”. He was Andy Bros.


Peggy Gou – Starry Night [Gudu Records] [2019-4-19]

Last year we gave the #4 spot to the one and only Peggy Gou. Her “It Makes You Forget” deserved to be on top. At the moment, her “Starry Night” is on a similar path. Her second big song came out in April of this year and, from day one, we’ve danced it ceaselessly. At the first second, an acid house bassline already lets us glimpse that we are in front of Peggy’s music. Her bases and choppy claps and, of course, her hypnotic voice and her particular intonation do the rest. There is not a great festival in the world that is not dancing to “Starry Night” in 2019.


Gerry Read – It’ll All Be Over (DJ Koze Remix) [Pampa Records] [2019-5-10]

2019 has been a key year in Gerry Read’s (actually Jonathan Read’s) career. It’s not every day that a label of the magnitude of Pampa Records knocks on the door. The German label wanted to release “It’ll All Be Over”, a 2-track EP that would include a remix of the team-head, DJ Koze. And everything DJ Koze touches turn to gold. The DJ from Hamburg continues to embrace disco music and vintage sounds. And we thank him, of course.


Maceo Plex – When The Lights Are Out (Garage Mix) [Ellum] [2019-6-14]

Wow! That’s how we reacted when, in the Xceed head-quarters, we played Maceo Plex’s “When The Lights Are Out” for the first time. It was on the morning of the last June, 14th. The Latin producer added this new track to his vast collection. Well, these 3 new tracks. Maceo Plex created his base version, the Late Night Mix and this Garage Mix, which is our selected one. It’s easy to recognize the sound of Maceo: drone bases, a drum loaded with synths and rather thick drops. We know it. But that 90s diva vocals with some folk touch has made us fall in love. What could we do?


Leftwing : Kody – I Feel It (Original Mix) [Toolroom Records] [2019-6-21]

“We wanted to reach a much broader audience and make music that could be used to party in a club, but also to drive a car, or to host a barbecue at the pool.” Leftwing : Kody themselves explained it to us in an interview a few weeks ago. “I Feel It” moves away (so much, to be honest) from the techno sound loaded with a big-room groove that has marked this duo’s trajectory until now. “I Feel It” is so good. Not so many DJs in the Miami Music Week avoided to include it in their sets. The best move in these guys’ career? If so, we wouldn’t be surprised. Summer vibes!