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Madrid Nightlife

The 10 best night clubs in Madrid (… and why you should visit them all)

Madrid is known for its huge clubs that make thousands of people dance each night of the week. The Spanish capital is known as a city that never sleeps. You will find there some of the best clubs of the whole Spanish nightlife.

To enjoy Madrid nightlife to the fullest, we created for you the list of the best 10 nightclubs in Madrid. Make sure you try them all.

1. Fabrik – Spanish techno temple

Why you should go: If you love Techno music, mega-clubs and you want to feel like at home with the electronic music maestros (such as Marco Carola, Adam Bayer, Paco Osuna, Paul Kalkbrenner, etc…), you must not miss Fabrik.
Located in the outskirts of Madrid (in Fuenlabrada, a little town 30 km from Madrid on the South Western side), Fabrik can host more than 7.000 party people in its two spacious rooms (Main and Satellite) and its huge terrace.
Usually, Fabrik opens on Saturdays and evenings before Bank Holidays, we advise you to check the line-up for special opening dates.

Atmosphere: At Fabrik, you’ll feel the unique atmosphere of Ibiza clubs, characterized by the love for good music, the grandeur of the rooms and the power of the sound system.

Music: Besides Universiparty (with EDM and hits), Fabrik is known to be a great club for techno and minimal music. To give you an idea of its lineups, during the past 13 years artists such as Sven Väth, Jeff Mills, Ricardo Villalobos, Laurent Garnier, Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex and others, all performed at Fabrik.

Recommendations: If you’re going to Fabrik, make sure to arrive early (bus are leaving Plaza de Espana each 30 minutes from 11:30pm) to enjoy “el parkineo” a mix between a “bottelon” and a real party where cars are used as sound system.

Price: For normal nights, tickets start from 20€ and the price keeps increasing until the sold-out is reached. For festivals and special events, presale tickets can cost up to 50€ or 60€.

2. Goya Social Club – The deepest Deep in Madrid

Why you should go: When an artist like The Magician mentions between the top 15 venues in which he performed, a 400 capacity club, it means that there is something special. In the case of the club located in calle Goya 43, it is a combination between its crowds, its funktion-one sound system and the ability of its DJs, true Deep/Tech House “geeks”. Goya is a club not only crafted by DJs, but FOR DJs: in any given night it can happen that a DJ like Maceo Plex just happens to pass by and starts performing (as happened the 15th November 2015 during an Odd Parents session).

Atmosphere: At Goya, you will find 23 years old aged people, who love House music in all its forms. Premium Alcohol and premium client’s care are between its defining features.

Music: As said, Goya is House, Deep House and Tech House-oriented and from time to time offers Techno sessions. Through its DJ booth have passed many well-known and respected DJs as Alex Metric, Oliver Heldens, Breakbot, Maceo Plex, Gonçalo and many others.

Recommendations: Don’t miss their showcases at Hotel ME Reina Victoria from time to time!

Prices: Usually, with the Xceed list, you can access the club for 15€ with one drink or 18€ with two; while a VIP table with 1 bottle and entrance for 4 people only costs 120€.


3. Teatro Kapital – The 7 floors club

Why you should go: Teatro Kapital is an iconic club located a few steps away from Atocha train station, right in the center of Madrid. With its 7 floors, each one with its own atmosphere and its own style, Kapital is a club where everyone will find what he likes. Each Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, thousands of Madrid party people fire up this club who give birth to unforgettable nights.

Atmosphere: Once a former theater, Kapital is a gigantic and imposing club. The old balconies are now VIP areas with direct access to the their own floor and a direct view on the main room.

Music: In the 7 floors, music ranges from House to Hip-Hop, from Reggaeton to EDM and from Hits to Funky. Moreover, the 7th floor has his own lounge atmosphere while the 2nd floor is a karaoke room where you’ll be able to show your singing skills.

Recommendations: Make sure to go to each different room and don’t miss the Megatron in the main room.

Prices: Sign up on the Xceed list and enter for 17€ with 2 drinks before 01h30am.

4. NOX CLUB – Techno with a family spirit

Why you should go: After only one year, Nox Club has established itself as one of the reference techno clubs in Madrid. Each month, Nox organizers bring the very best of the international electronic music scene.

Atmosphere: Underground is the word which describes best Nox.

Music: Nox Club is a project focused on Techno music. During the last 12 months, Nox has welcomed great artists as Hot Since 82, Gaiser, Uner, Eats Everything, Pleasurekraft and many more.

Recommendations: Presale tickets ends fast at Nox. Make sure you buy your ticket to avoid remaining outside.

Prices: NOX Club is moving to a new amazing location! Don’t worry, prices and tickets will soon be available.

5. La Riviera – Concerts, electronic music and more

Why you should go: One of the most luxurious club in Madrid. La Riviera has welcomed the best concerts of the Spanish capital. Opened 50 years ago, it is still one of the best venues in Madrid. During the weekends in the same night you could attend to both your favorite rock band concert and a clubbing session done by the book.

Atmosphere:  La Riviera has such a polyvalent atmosphere and such a various line-up that you really can’t ascribe this club to any predefined category.

Music:  From electronic music, to pop-rock concerts, according to the events.

Recommendations: At Friday’s “La Chapa” you will you enjoy yourself like a little kid.

Prices: According to the nights, prices range from 15€ to 25€.

6. Gotham – Something different in Moncloa

Why you should go: Located in the historic Sala Inn, in the Moncloa area (the biggest university area of Madrid), Gotham has been fully renovated and has just reopened its doors again. Compared to other clubs from the same neighborhood, Gotham is a place where line-ups range from house to electro on Fridays to hits and Reggaeton on Saturdays.

Atmosphere: Crowd is mostly composed by students and each of the two rooms can contain up to 900 party people. The architecture and the style of the club have an urban touch that give the impression of being in the middle of New York.

Music: Fridays at Gotham are mainly House and Reggaeton-oriented, with a 21+ crowd while Saturdays are dedicated to disco and commercial music with a 25+ crowd.

Prices: With the Xceed list, it is free for girls and 10€ with 1 drink for guys.


7. Sala Arena – Different name, same soul

Why you should go: Despite the changes of name of the recent years (from Sala Arena, to Sala Heineken, to Sala Marco Aldany to Sala Arena again), this club located right next to Plaza de España has constantly been one of the pillars of the electronic music scene of Madrid.
Home to some of the most successful parties that have been hosted in the capital (Zoologico, Zombie Club, etc..) this year the club showcased a new party, Ekho, that promise to bring every Friday worldwide famous Techno DJs into Madrid’s Nightlife.

Atmosphere: Underground on weekends, universitary on Thursdays.

Music: Hits & EDM on Thursday nights (Universitary party), Techno on Fridays (Ekho) and Remember on Saturdays (Mondino).

Recommendations: Ekho. Ekho. Ekho.

Prices: Entry + 2 drinks only 15€ with Xceed Tickets.

8. Teatro Barceló – The “Studio 54” of Madrid

Why you should go: Teatro Barcelo (ex-Pacha Madrid) is one of the most iconic clubs of the Madrid city center. Located in an historical building from the 30’s decade, opened almost since 30 years, it has continuously evolved throughout the years, maintaining its position as one of the best clubs in Madrid. Through the years, Barcelo’s walls have seen famous people as Andy Warhol, Prince, Mick Jagger dancing in the VIP areas, next to thousands of Madrid party people, coming days after days in this club.

Atmosphere: Barceló is one of the most exclusive and selective clubs in Madrid. To get into the club, you must adopt an elegant dress code and to be over 23 years old.

Music: If you’re going to Barceló, music will probably be a mix between hits and dance music. However, depending on the events, you could also find music with more electronic tendencies and indie, rock and pop concerts.

Recommendations: Don’t miss the student parties on Thursdays and the international artists shows.

Prices: Price for the entrance goes from 10€ to 20€ with 1 drink included.

9. Sala Pirandello – The most open-minded club

Why you should go: This club is a strong representant of the LGBT community in Madrid and welcomes crazy nights as a “no pants party” and many nights with gogos, live shows and also from time to time, techno nights on sundays.

Atmosphere: Pirandello is crazy, you’ll need to show your weirdness to get into this club.

Music: Hits, Dance and House will make you dance all night long!

Recommendations: Take off your prejudices and let you go into a wild party.

Prices: Usually, entrance costs 12€ with a drink.

10. Opium Madrid – The most exclusive club in town

Why you should go: For its amazing decorations and its exclusive atmosphere. Open 365 days a year, no excuses to miss Opium Madrid.

Atmosphere: Here you will find the most selected and exclusive crowds of the city. Madrid’s exclusive population often goes to this beautiful club. If you’re looking for the most exclusive place in town, hurry up and put your name on the list or book a table to enjoy a wonderful night that won’t let you indifferent.

Music: Usually House and/or Commercial vibes always adapted to the crowd to make sure everyone enjoys a great night.

Recommendations: Make your night even more exclusive with Bottle Service from 200€.

Prices: For girls, entrance is free and for guys 10€ entrance before 1am.

Bonus: Mondo Disko – The most underground of the capital

Why you should go: After 15 years of success, Mondo has established itself as one of the reference clubs for Techno in Madrid. Week after week, its lineups bring to Madrid the best international DJs of the techno scene and attracts a huge mass of fans, that every Saturday crowd Sala Coco. Since this year, Mondo Disko opens on Thursdays with niche line-ups, that are still in compliance with the level of quality that characterizes this venue.

Atmosphere: At Mondo Disko, you’ll meet people driven by a true passion for electronic music, enjoying and dancing till sunrise.

Music: Techno and Tech-House. Le Mondo successfully hosted amazing artists such as Ellen Allien, Villalobos, Erol Alkan, Carl Craig, Adriatique, Four Tet, Ten Walls, Solomun, Nicolas Jaar, John Talabot, Seth Troxler, Mano Le Tough and many more.

Recommendations: Keep updated with the program and make sure to buy the tickets for your favorite DJs in advance.

Prices: Usually, entrance costs 13€ with a drink before 01:00.

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