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Save the date. Code is coming at Fabrik with a brand new event

Saturday, February 24th, the Code party lands regularly in Fabrik with an event that will start at 5pm and will last until the dawn of the day after. The lineup is massive, packed with many different names, among which some extremely important. As usual, the music genre of this event is techno and it will be played by some of its most important ambassadors.

Amelie Lens, one of the most well spoken names of 2017 in the music industry is among the main acts that will be hosted for this enormous event. The new techno queen is taking the clubbing scene by storm. In three years, she came out of the dark, releasing an amazing track on Pan-Pot’s label Second State. Nevertheless, Amelie Lens actually set her style gaining an instant success with the release of the three-tracks EP “Let It Go”. This studio work produced by Lyase recordings, combines a minimal sound with decidedly sharp Techno virtuosity in three tunes that are worthy to be analyzed. The first track is “Wild”, a track characterized by an hypnotic gait combined with bewitching vocal loops and a pressing rhythm. “Linger On” which is connected to the previous track using a similar musical apparatus yet characterized by a more aggressive and euphoric beat. The last track, “Let It Go”, is probably the one that has ensured to the Belgian artist a worldwide success. A strong beat mixed with an acid sound accompany the vocal of the same Amelie who repeats with a trascende voice the simple words “let it go”.

Fancying melodic and aggressive techno, the 27-year-old producer and DJ made her country proud to feature a new talent on this scene. Her style is apparently simple and straight, as her sounds resonate her personality. There’s no feminine side to play with during her gigs. No frills, only raw and pure techno tunes thrown one after the other.

The second main host of the Code128 event will be the german DJ, producer and leader of the Create Learn Realize record label Chris Liebing. Always faithful towards his techno music roots, his sound has continuously changed in the course of the time. This artist, in fact, has consistently pursued the way of experimentation, exploring new ways for producing music by using analogue and digital gears. This musical approach is shifted and reflected on each of his DJ sets where the real-time manipulation of the individual elements explorers unlimited possibilities making his live sets never ordinary. However, what is true, is that this artist has always crashed the dance floor with really heavy tunes rendering the appropriate tributes to the electronic music scene from where he comes from.

Chris Liebing always says that it is not important for him to play one hit after another, but to create an atmosphere able to transport the audience to a different dimension, that can make them forgetting their problems. That’s what the Chris’s underground techno music is all about or, at least, that’s his philosophy.

Since 2007, just one year after his debut production, Paul Ritch has come to be considered one of the most relevant artists and producers in the global electronic scene. From his first EP, Samba (Resopal 2006), Paul began an extraordinary story of unusual publications and which followed incredibly popular releases such as Winter Ceremony (2007), Natural Gun (2007), and Summer Ceremony (2007) or Aquarel / Crazy Madness (SCI + TEC, 2008). A set of productions all equated by a powerful, harmonic and deep techno sound that created the unique footprint of this artist, making his name resonating around the world.

The last few years have been determinant for Paul, especially for what concern his creative approach in producing his music. An artist, in fact, originally characterized by a more Drumcode‘s sound, who has now shifted to a more darker and emotive dimension. This creative evolution has ensured to this DJ and producer to be one of the most prolific artist now operating in the electronic circuit able to create authentic musical gold.

All considered, it is easy to assume that the next event labelled Code128 is gonna be a massive one. So brace yourself for a 12 hours nonstop party.

When? 24th of February
Where? Fabrik
Line up: Amelie Lens, Chris Liebing, Paul Ritch, UMEK, Cesar Almena, D-Unity, Dj Murphy, Emmanuel Eric Sneo, Ettap Kyle, Exium, Hugo HP & Mark Netty, Joyhauser, Luca Agnelli, Manu Sanchez, Mark Broom Hybrid, Nuke, Paula Cazenave, SNTS




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