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May 2019 in Madrid: the 5 best electronic music parties

May. Another month in which Madrid will delight techno sound lovers and other ground-breaking proposals in which electronica converges with urban scenes to offer complete experiences to the audience. Fabrik, once again, presents itself as the great club of reference, but venues such as La Riviera or Cha Chá The Club deserve their presence in this ranking. We’ll show you.


5. Jonas Kopp, Christian Wünsch, Psyk and more @ Stardust Madrid (La Riviera)

jonas kopp christian wunsch psyk stardust madrid xceed tickets

Did someone ask for techno? Here’s a triple ration from Stardust Madrid. If your thing is the industrial sound, hard and dark, you cannot miss this date at La Riviera. The multidisciplinary venue will offer its most underground version with the Jonas Kopp’s Berlin sound (the Argentinean is one of the main artists of Tresor Records), Christian Wünsch’s aggressive proposal (head of Tsunami Records and Nine) and Psyk’s wildly versatile sound. 100% rave night!

When: Saturday, May 18th
Where: La Riviera
Lineup: Jonas Kopp, Christian Wünsch, Psyk, Nöle and J. Gonzalbo



4. Luciano (2 sets), John Digweed, Davide Squillace and more @ Vagabundos (Fabrik Madrid)

vagabundos luciano fabrik madrid xceed tickets

Since he reappeared on the scene a little over a year ago, Luciano has become one of the best tech and house music DJs on the scene. His charisma remains intact and the quality of his performances, combining friendly techno, house and hits of different nature, is unquestionable. His party Vagabundos will take over Fabrik to offer a double performance by the Swiss DJ of Chilean origin (one on the terrace and another one in the main room). He’ll be joined by many of his friends on stage, such as Davide Squillace, Matthias Tanzmann, the duo Andhim and, above all, John Digweed, one of the most mental and introspective techno sound historic artists.

When: Saturday, May 25th
Where: Fabrik Madrid
Lineup: Luciano, John Digweed, Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squillace, Andhim, Delano Smith, Premiesku, DJ Pierre, Eduardo de la Calle, David Gtronic, Reboot, Michael Cleis, Vanjee, Cesar Almena, Nuke and Overman



3. Matthias Meyer, Jimi Jules and more @ After Brunch Open Air (Autocine Madrid RACE)

after brunch jimi jules matthias meyer madrid race xceed tickets

New Sunday afternoon with electronic music in Madrid thanks to After Brunch, which this time moves to the Autocine RACE to be offered in an Open Air format. Two of the most active artists in the Watergate family will be in charge of the music (Watergate is a label that has seen names like Adana Twins, Adriatique, Fur Coat, Edu Imbernon or La Fleur grow, among many others). The 2 guests are Matthias Meyer and Jimi Jules, who will allow us to fly high with their characteristic DJ sets with not too high revolutions and loaded with melodies, intimate vowels and elegant drops. Unbeatable plan for a Sunday.

When: Sunday, May 12th
Where: Autocine Madrid RACE
Lineup: Matthias Meyer, Jimi Jules, Torrione and Luchino



2. Mina & Bryte and more @ CHA CHÁ Vol. 134 (Cha Chá The Club)

mina & bryte cha cha the club madrid xceed tickets

It is undeniable that urban music is a mass phenomenon in club music scenes today. Mina is one of the most interesting producers of the moment in the UK. Her afrobeat, dancehall and UK funky rhythms have led her to collaborate with vocalists from different countries, her union with Bryte being the most acclaimed by the audience. Bryte is Ghana’s most revealing voice in recent decades. He has mixed that funky and afrobeat with rap and experimental club sounds. To see Mina & Bryte live together is to immerse oneself in the most essential and original of street electronic music. Having them in Madrid is a privilege not to be missed.

When: Friday, May 17th
Where: Cha Chá The Club
Lineup: Mina & Bryte, Edgar Kerri, Andrea Vandall, Mygal X and Merca Bae



1. Nina Kraviz and more @ Code 135 (Fabrik Madrid)

nina kraviz code fabrik madrid xceed tickets

Once again, Code rocks it at Fabrik. On this occasion, with more weight than ever, as they got one of the most important DJs on the scene as the headliner. Since her beginnings on DJing decades ago, the Russian Nina Kraviz called everyone’s attention and became a star. Years go by, but the Siberian producer, DJ and selector is still consolidated in the elite, considered as one of the best in history. Her acid sound, always accelerated, aggressive, revolutionary and maddening, has created a wide retinue of followers around the world, with its own label трип as a unifying element. Along with her, there are other contrasting names from the old-school techno spectrum such as Robert Hood, The Advent or the great local idol Cristian Varela, famous for his incredible skills with vinyl. This is one of the most striking and important Code dates in recent times. Definitely not one to miss…

When: Saturday, May 18th
Where: Fabrik Madrid
Lineup: Nina Kraviz, Cristian Varela, Robert Hood, The Advent, B.Traits, Cleric, Flug, Mark Broom (live), Nuke and Cesar Almena


(Cover Image: © Juanma Alvarado)