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Incredible videos of the brutal brawl between rappers Booba and Kaaris at the Orly airport in Paris

A brutal brawl between the rappers Booba and Kaaris (two of the most important names in the French rap and hip-hop scene) stopped the activity at Orly Airport in Paris for more than half an hour. It happened around 3 pm this past Wednesday, August 1st. The artists were in the same waiting area of ​the airport since both were heading to Barcelona to perform that night at Pacha and Shôko, respectively. As soon as they met, they started to argue with each other and immediately all ended up in a wild brawl, with all their entourages intruded in a spectacular fight in the middle of the airport.

Tourists who were at that time in Orly (among which there were fans of both rappers) recorded the moment and shared the images on the socials. Thanks to this, we have seen how a commercial store got partially destroyed before the French police arrested up to 11 people, Booba and Kaaris among them. Both Pacha and Shôko had to cancel the performances, although they kept up their respective parties aimed at the hip-hop and rap genres. On its side, the Orly Airport had to close indefinitely one of the waiting-rooms due to the damage suffered and was forced to delay some flights to avoid chaos among the rest of the passengers.

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