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Get To Know: Jacques, this genius coming from the futur to reinvent electro music

Jacques, with his half-shaved skull, is a character apart. Awesome french producer and DJ of “transversal techno”, Jacques collects sounds from objects, nature as well, Internet noises to create melodies and unusual tracks. He is a complete artist who focuses his interests on music, philosophy, atmosphere and virtual reality. Let’s have a closer look on this unconventional character.

Jacques stated music at the age of 14 playing guitar, but really developed his project in 2013 ending up signing with the label Pain Suprises, same one as the famous Jabberwocky. But what is his music really about? What’s making him so interesting? Some might think Jacques Auberger is just playing a role. The truth is that there is something deeply true and authentic in him, something that lies between spontaneity and poesy. His ultimate purpose while making music is to put the sounds of the daily life forward; it is about recycling them to create melodies and then pieces of art. To do so, Jacques is therefore in permanent duo with the beauty hidden in the noise of the everyday things.

‘Tout est magnifique’ (‘Everything is wonderful’), Jacques’s first EP, is the simple representation of his philosophy. It’s the representation of a poetic thought assuming that everything can be beautiful, a sort of reconciliation of the contraries.

Jacques is currently traveling the world making impressive live performances. If you have the chance to be in the same city as him, do yourself a favor and experience him behind the decks, it’s just blow-minding. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.