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5 must-attend events of WildSide Luxembourg this season

Luxembourg’s concept solidifies in the European scene with some of the most sought-after names in techno and hard techno 

For any electronic music enthusiast worth their salt, it’s clear that the genre’s major capitals include Berlin, Amsterdam, or Madrid. However, the scene is evolving so rapidly that we’re adding new pins to the map of, until now, lesser-known locations, including Luxembourg. Its capital is home to WildSide – the quintessential nightlife brand – which is loaded with top-tier lineups in the coming months at Lenox Club .

Starting off strong, on February 23rd, WildSide presents the sensation Patrick Mason. Anyone unaware of the existence of the moment’s most energetic artist is already behind. Patrick is a restless soul in the booth, with a selection that straddles techno, hard-techno, and high BPM house often accompanied by euphoric lyrics. Can you keep up with his dance moves?

Without slowing down, on March 2nd, the baton passes to the female power of Fernanda Martins. The Brazilian is one of the historic figures of veteran hard techno, always with the subtlety and the art of surprising with her technique on the decks among classics. The lineup that day is completed by artists like Netty Hugo or Rec-Two in the main room, and Dj Fade or Riven & Camillo in the secondary space.

Just in time to digest the quality of its line-ups, WildSide will host the Italian duo 999999999 on March 15th. Their acid and hard vision of techno has already conquered the most imposing stages of half the globe, so they have everything it takes to sell out the Luxembourg club. The formula for success is repeated with Charlie Sparks on March 29th. The Englishman is known for being a natural selector, able to read the floor quickly and offer a night designed for each moment. Lastly, purists of techno will also have a musical dose on April 20th with master Dave Clarke.

A flawless clubbing marathon is coming courtesy of Wildside. If you rest on your laurels, you’ll miss out on tickets.

February 23rd | Patrick Mason, Netty Hugo, Jayzo | Tickets
March 2nd | Fernanda Martins, Netty Hugo, Rec-Two & more | Tickets
March 15th | 999999999, Netty Hugo, Rec-Two | Tickets
March 29th | Charlie Sparks, Netty Hugo | Tickets
April 20th | Dave Clarke, Truncate & more | Tickets

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