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Dskonnect celebrates 20 years in style with the release of DSK RECORDS, a new label full of EPs

When a business builds up years of experience in the music industry, it has the ability to diversify into other areas to take its brand to the next level. This is the case of Dskonnect, that after two decades of success in booking has decided to go up to another level with the birth of DSK Records, its new record label that has already released its first reference. 

The agency, with its origins in Valencia but based in Barcelona, has transformed its 20 years of knowledge with artists such as Oxia, Andhim, Maceo Plex, Giorgia Angiuli or Fedele into a new proposal that will offer us a broader vision of DSKonnect’s work. Its contribution to the scene in the form of a label has been kicked off by Raxon and no_ip, two of its trusted artists. 

DSK001 opens with a first reference, under the name of ‘The Fall’, which reveals the most hypnotic side of Egyptian Raxon, where groove and melodic seduction become the main attractions. It is followed by ‘My Place’, a synthesized piece where the national talent of Catalan no_ip takes control, and whose distorted vocals add a digital touch that will make you want to dance to this track until dawn.  Long live DSK Records! 

Damon Jee and Gardens Of God bring DSK Records’ second release to life 

After leaving us yearning for more with their recent debut EP by Raxon and no_ip, DSK Records is back with a new release that blends the best of French Damon Jee and Lithuanian Gardens Of God. 

The result, DSK002, transcends the limits we tend to put on each genre. The first side of the EP by Damon Jee, titled ‘Afterhour’, reveals a more progressive side of techno with bold acid lines intertwined with melody and distorted vocals. An enveloping track, surprisingly powerful at times, that leaves a sense of “brutal delicacy” in the listener. 

The EP continues with ‘Infinity’ and Gardens Of God at the controls, which unlike its predecessor gives us a reflective and timeless vision, creating a place where time and space are fluid and everything is possible. A track that shows us the infinity, never better said, of possibilities that electronic music is capable of creating, always without leaving aside the musical quality and the connection with the listener. 

Fancy experiencing the essence of DSK live? Damon Jee and no_ip will be playing at the “Dskonnect stage” of the Brunch Electronik in Barcelona at the Estrella Damm Factory on April 30th. But if you’re more into enjoying music at home, in this article you’ll find all the upcoming releases that DSK Records has to unveil.

Experience and avant-garde in ‘Yume no yōna’, the new release by Marc Romboy and Timo Maas

The record saga continues at DSK Records, and with each release, a new musical adventure that opens the doors to the infinite spectrum of electronic music. So infinite, that it evolves at the same time as technology and brings to light tracks such as ‘Yume no yōna‘, the latest release by Marc Romboy and Timo Maas.

The backbone of this track is artificial intelligence, as it includes a vocal sample created entirely by this trendy tool, achieved through the application of a Japanese voice-to-word converter. The synthesised Japanese female voice adds a unique element to the track, taking this second collaboration from the expert duo to another level.

‘Yume no yōna’ shows us the more exotic and versatile side of Marc and Timo, who wanted to delight us with ‘dub‘ and ‘synthapella‘ versions of the full production. The potential of AI in music has not yet been fully explored, but the fact that two masters like them have opted to use it, it looks like an exciting and undiscovered musical horizon. What’s next?

AFFKT and Giorgia Angiuli deliver the ultimate melodic twist in the ongoing DSK Records saga with ‘Gaman’ and ‘Pray’.

A fine, carefully crafted melody can become the focus of a song, even more powerful than the distinctive drops in electronic music releases. DSK004 exemplifies this concept, as AFFKT and Giorgia Angiuli take center stage, revealing the most emotional side of DSK Records.

Within this latest release from DSKonnect, we find a pair of tracks by two production experts who have been enhancing the scene for years. First, we have AFFKT, the Spanish maestro, offering us ‘Gaman’ – a meticulously constructed and yet laid-back track, capable of captivating even the most discerning listener. Prepare to dive on a journey of sensory exploration through music!

The DSK004 saga continues with the input of the dynamic talent of Giorgia Angiuli, whose live sets continue to make waves worldwide. Now, she contributes her skills to DSK Records with ‘Pray’ – an euphoric masterpiece crafted from progressive rhythms and ethereal vocals, showcasing the studio power of the Italian artist.With this release, the Catalan label adds another gem to its collection, affirming its potential across diverse areas of the industry. Brace yourself for more inspiring creations from DSK Records, are you ready to witness their offerings?

Shall Ocin, GusGus and Birnir treat us to a summer soundtrack on DSK Records

Summer is all about holidays, but only for a lucky few. At DSK Records they don’t stop working as the summer season is celebrated with what they do best: music. This July 14, they will be doing so with three exotic names like Shall Ocin, GusGus and Birnir captaining the productions.

The A-side of this new musical journey is presented by Shall Ocin from Argentina with ‘Growling’. The melodic essence of this artist is evident after his collaborations with leading names such as ARTBAT or braev. Although, the producer has left behind those strictly melodic influences to offer us a more reflective vision, without vocals, as well as innovative and powerful.

The B-side entitled ‘Eða?‘ releases a wave of electronic bliss. What the Icelandic collective GusGus has managed to create with Birnir‘s voice is a kingdom of emotion.  Ethereal melodies, evocative lyrics and euphoric beats – what more could you ask for? Undoubtedly one of our favourite DSK Records releases to date.

Little by little we are witnessing the direction and position of DSK Records as a label, and the musical quality they are bringing to the scene. ‘Growling’ and ‘Eða?’ are available to listen to below.

Artwork design of the new EP on the label DSK Records based in Barcelona, Spain

Fedele and Oxia, two titans on the sixth EP from DSK Records

The stars of DSK Records‘ latest release need no introduction. Fedele and Oxia are two masters with a career cultivated over the years and they prove it again with ‘Thunder Ride’ and ‘Evidence’, the tracks that shape DSK006.

The label’s sixth release first introduces you to the magic of Italy’s Fedele. ‘Thunder Ride’ is a versatile production with throbbing beats and melodic overtones, but not the standard kind. From the first listen you’re in for an electrifying ride that is reflected in the wide range of synths the artist makes use of. Fedele’s ‘Thunder Ride’ is a testament to his unparalleled creativity and his passion for pushing the boundaries of sound.

He is taken over by the legendary Oxia with ‘Evidence’. An aptly named track that, without a doubt, evidences the French artist’s ability to weave tapestries of progressive melodies capable of transporting you to those places where you’ve always been happy. We invite you to press play on this gem of an EP, already available on all the major platforms and just a click away below.

dsk records

Galactic sounds and electro with Amirali and Golden Virgo on DSK007

DSK Records unveils its seventh release of the year with another magnetic duo in the studio. ‘U’ and ‘Mental Recycles’ are the two new tracks from the Catalan label by Amirali and Golden Virgo.

The first part of this new cut features the Iranian talent of Amirali, whose sound has made its mark on such labels as DAYS like NIGHTS and Dark Matters. The artist is the author of ‘U’, a track with progressive hints and galactic melodies that explore the complexities of human emotions.  With ‘U’, Amirali shows his notable ability to blend cultural influences and emotions into a musical experience worthy of a place on DSK Records’ extensive tracklist. 

Italian prodigy Golden Virgo is the second to land on the label with his frenetic electro track ‘Mental Recycles’. His emerging yet visionary productions reflect a striking finesse in crafting a narrative that takes listeners on an infinite journey. ‘Mental Recycles’ is a statement to Golden Virgo’s innate ability to infuse life into machinery, as he masterfully combines synths, beats, and rhythm into a composition that is both cerebral and dance-floor friendly. 

Still haven’t heard what’s new from the pair on DSK Records? Get your week’s groove on with DSK007, available now on all the usual platforms.

dsk records
dsk records

DSK Records concludes its EP series with the artistic prowess of Husa & Zeyada and Stephan Barnem

DSK Records reaches the grand finale of its much-applauded series of EP releases, collaborating with its esteemed artists. The eighth and final EP of the year has arrived with a flourish! Steering this creative ship are Husa & Zeyada and Stephan Barnem, who have masterfully crafted the closing chapters.

DSK008 opens with ‘Face Of Time’, a track by Egyptian duo Husa & Zeyada. It transcends the bounds of electronic music, offering a melodic journey that subtly intertwines instrumental hues. This track creates an impeccable soundscape for Mohii’s vocals, lending a personal touch while contemplatively musing on the fleeting nature of time.

Italian maestro Stephan Barnem is at the helm of ‘Clouds’, the second song in DSK008. This electronic composition beautifully interlaces ambient elements within its sonic weave. Barnem skillfully transports the listener to a serene, atmospheric soundscape, inviting a deep immersion into its meditative melodies.

As this series draws to a close, it’s clear that this culmination of EPs is but the precursor to the exciting future that lies ahead for DSK Records. ‘Face Of Time’ and ‘Clouds’ are now available across all the usual platforms.

dsk records
dsk records

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