Fri, 15 Nov 2019 | 23:00 - 05:00

Sound Bakery #1 - Cezar + Cem Ozden



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CEZAR (Understand, [a:rpia:r] , RO) Cem Ozden (Sound Bakery, Fake Society, IT) We have reached Sound Bakery's 4th season and we want to start with the same artist we haven started last season, one of the most appreciated of all, Cezar. With his label Understand, founded together with Praslea and Kozo, he showed that, besides being a top-level DJ, he is also a producer with a refined taste, leaving also space for releases from Rhadoo, Praslesh, Arapu and the trio Amorf. Constant presence in the festivals held in Romania, from Sunwaves to Mioritmic, from Waha to Dor De Munte, from Alandala to Picnic Fonic, Cezar also plays an important role in the booking and distribution agency His style is solid and engaging, with dark shades and jazz influences, synonymous of great personality and experience matured in the field for decades.

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Sound Bakery #1 - Cezar + Cem Ozden