Cartell de l'esdeveniment Mr. MajestykCartell de l'esdeveniment Mr. Majestyk
dt., 10 des. 2019 | 23:59 - 05:00

Mr. Majestyk

Tarantos Club

Indie - Rock



Navigating troubled waters of rock and roll. His journey began almost a decade ago in Girona, from the cockpit of small bars to move in late 2007 in Barcelona, ​​landed at City Hall. Here, their combinations and rock and roll hits of legends like Madonna, Beastie Boys and Michael Jackson grab his quickly "Rebel Room" and spread, mercilessly all around Barcelona. If you do not stop moving, join this date on the calendar! Since arriving in Barcelona a few years ago Kerito has not left his intention to show their love of dance music, eager to make you enjoy and move without stopping, it shows with the best hits of indie rock of the 60s and 70s for most psychedelic moments, remembering electronic items and dance of the 80s, blowing up everyone with the great songs that left the decades of the 90s and 2000, and enjoying the most current music and cutting edge. After being usual in Apolo, Sidecar, Fantastico, Plastic, Minusa ... has finally come to the Jamboree Tarantos.

Casual dress code



Edat mínima



5,00 €


Valid all night! Say 'Xceed List' at the door.

5,00 €


Logo from Tarantos ClubLogo from Tarantos Club

Tarantos Club

Plaça Reial 17, Barcelona, Spain

Towards the end of 2013, the Mas i Mas group – a company that has been at the service of live music and disco sessions for more than two decades – began working on a new line and identity for the Tarantos venue, creating TARANTOS CLUB. Until then, at night, the venue was a discothèque, focusing on eighties music, pop and more commercial sounds. With the appearance of Tarantos Club, the venue moved towards DJ sessions and bands from more alternative styles, like soul and surf, which were very well received by the Barcelona public. For 2015, the idea is to take the programme, directed by Viktor Ollé, DJ Kerito and Joe Cabana, a little further, linking up with current trends that make indie one of the hardest hitting styles of our time. So the BACK TO THE ROOTS cycle is being organised for live performances. These parties will be held once every two months and will bring to Barcelona two concerts by leading indie rock bands, providing the city’s audience with the best alternative rock made in this country.

Mr. Majestyk

Tarantos Club