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Salerno receives in Dolce Vita the elrow’s macro party with Markantonio and Roberto Capuano as headliners

elrow is already an international brand. What started as ROW14 and later became the best Spanish after-hours has now become an international reference in terms of production, organization, ambients and thematics. In Viladecans, a coastal town near Barcelona, you can find its true home, elrow, a club whose design resembles a thematic park and whose decoration takes us, event after event, to a different place from around the world and from our mind.

In the beginning, ROW14 opened at night and held up late in the morning. Later, elrow became a total after-hours. It was opening at six in the morning and offered a unique musical meeting until late at night. Electronic music lovers from around Catalonia were travelling to be there at dawn in order to enjoy the best Sunday sessions in the country. However, the local regulations wanted to cut so much fun and became strongly strict with these morning sessions. Since then, nightclubs can only open until six in the morning and day-clubs can only open after 10 am. In this way, after-hours were eradicated (at least legally).

But elrow wasn’t going to give up. Their posters included the cultural and musical activity claim and its doors began to open at 10 or 11 in the morning. Its sessions became 12 hours long, spending all the hours of sunshine during the day and moving from the concept “after-hours” to the concept “daytime”. To the oldest fans, the proposal wasn’t good enough. However, many other clubbers in Barcelona were attracted by the new schedule and format and elrow‘s popularity got increased.

The movement came together with an international expansion that an elrow fan would never have imagined. elrow arrived in Amsterdam, in London, in Paris… it even crossed the puddle and arrived in America. Now, elrow lands in Salerno. Italy already knows how this party usually goes. In fact, Naples has already lived its own edition of Monegros Desert Festival (owned by elrow). Now, a little further south, the club Dolce Vita in Salerno is ready to live this Saturday, July 21st, one of the best nights of its history.

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Image: © elrow

elrow Salerno will take the image from the Far West (or, in this case, the Far Rowest). In the line-up, two living legends of the Italian underground scene stand out. Markantonio is one of the very first, one of the pioneers who turned to Neapolitan electronic music when it had hardly any followers. He has been performing on the best stages around the world for over 20 years and was one of the main mentors of DJs like Joseph Capriati. The other headliner of the night will be Roberto Capuano, who also played a crucial role in the development of Naples techno music around the world. Together, they will allow elrow‘s audience to travel to the golden years of the underground, where neither the cameras nor the streamings prevented each session from being unique and unrepeatable. The resident DJs Toni Varga and Eddy M are some of the names that complete the line-up of this massive night.

Where: Dolce Vita (Salerno)
When: Saturday, July 21st
Lineup: Markantonio, Roberto Capuano, Toni Varga, Eddy M, Antonio Pepe, Marco Keine and DJ Deaf


(Cover Image: © elrow)