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November 2019 in Barcelona: the 10 best electronic music parties

Enrico Sangiuliano, Honey Dijon, the ANTS party with Andrea Oliva and MIRA Festival closing party with the duo Neon Chambers lead a spectacular November in Barcelona 3

For the moment, no cold comes to Barcelona. What is still here is a lot of first-class electronic music events. The best underground clubs in the Catalan capital did it again. They propose a stellar November, loaded with the best techno, house and some other hard-styles revolution that, probably, will please more than one raver in town. Here we go with the best of November in Barcelona.


10. Frank Kvitta and more @ City Hall

frank kvitta city hall barcelona noviembre mejores fiestas xceed

We said that about some hard-styles revolution because of this. The German Frank Kvitta is a myth among those who enjoyed the golden age of schranz and hard-techno in Spain. His sessions at Florida 135 or in the now-defunct La Cova are unforgettable. On November 14th, he will again command a Barcelona club, in this case, City Hall, to remember old times among lovers of the hardest sounds of the techno genre.

When: Thursday, November 14th
Where: City Hall
Lineup: Frank Kvitta, Carlos Perez and Isabela Clerc



9. Rampa and more @ Sight (Pacha Barcelona)

rampa pacha barcelona mejores fiestas noviembre entradas xceed

Rampa is one of the best producers of the melodic house today. His name became great alongside Keinemusik, a project that gave birth along with other greats of the genre such as &ME, Adam Port, Reznik and Monja. This young German will embrace Pacha with his warm and precious atmospheres, always designed for the dance floor.

When: Friday, November 29th
Where: Pacha Barcelona
Lineup: Rampa, Landikhan and Steve Bimbelan



8. Neon Chambers, Lena Willikens b2b Alicia Carrera and more @ MIRA Official Afterparty (Razzmatazz Clubs)

neon chambers mira festival afterparty razzmatazz barcelona mejores fiestas noviembre barcelona

MIRA Digital Arts Festival celebrates its 9th edition from November 5th to 9th in different spaces of the city and everything will end on Saturday night at Razzmatazz. There, The Loft will host the techno, new-trance & IDM show from the duo Neon Chambers (union of Kangding Ray and Sigha), which will feature Gabriela Prochazka’s lighting installation on the visual side. There will also be OR:LA and Parallax playing DJ sets. At the same time, Lolita will host the b2b of Lena Willikens and Alicia Carrera all night long.

When: Saturday, November 9th
Where: Razzmatazz
Lineup: Neon Chambers + Gabriela Prochazka, Parallax, OR:LA and Lena Willikens b2b Alicia Carrera



7. Pan-Pot and more @ INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club

pan pot input barcelona mejores fiestas noviembre xceed

The visit of Second State’s bosses is always a reason for alarm. The German couple arrives at INPUT (the club with the best sound system in Barcelona) at their most acidic and accelerated moment. Those who love the frantic rhythms of techno and have not yet known this new facet of Pan-Pot, can not miss the opportunity. Slippers, ready to suffer.

When: Saturday, November 30th
Where: INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club
Lineup: Pan-Pot, Hitch and The Deals



6. Tripeo and more @ NODE x Under Club (The Garage of The Bass Valley)

tripeo under club node the garage of the bass valley mejores fiestas noviembre barcelona xceed entradas

Under Club is one of the biggest references of the techno scene in Argentina. The veteran club has decided to cross the pond to expand its clubbing concept by some of the most important cities of the European movement. And among them, of course, there’s Barcelona. Together with NODE, Under arrives at The Garage of The Bass Valley, possibly the most underground club in town, to present the raw and industrial sound of the Dutch Tripeo together with artists from NODE and Under teams. This is an event that could lay the foundations for a more regular collaboration between rave scenes from two countries far away physically, but close culturally.

When: Friday, November 29th
Where: The Garage of The Bass Valley
Lineup: Tripeo, Xhei, Mariano Blanco and Dario Duegra



5. Gerd Janson and more @ The Loft (Razzmatazz Clubs)

gerd janson razzmatazz the loft mejores fiestas noviembre entradas xceed barcelona

The Loft continues to set the trend. After the visits of stars like Ben Klock, DJ Tennis or Paula Temple, Razzmatazz’s top room continues to tread heavily in November and, on this occasion, features the cornerstone of Running Back, one of the great cult labels of indie-dance, nu-disco and modern house. Gerd Janson was the one who introduced pearls already considered anthems like “Neutron Dance” or “Lille Vals”. His suitcase is always full of secrets. A night for diggers who love soft electronica.

When: Friday, November 22nd
Where: Razzmatazz
Lineup: Gerd Janson and Baldo



4. Satori (live) and more @ NOM x Maktub (Bikini Barcelona)

satori nom barcelona entradas xceed mejores fiestas noviembre barcelona

NOM continues to strengthen its commitment to ethnic, restful and delicate electronica. On this occasion, the Dutchman Satori, one of the most eye-catching musicians and live performers on the downtempo scene, will be responsible. His multicultural sound, loaded with nomadic personality and chill-out references, will finally invade the souls of NOM, thirsty for peace turned into music.

When: Saturday, November 23rd
Where: Bikini Barcelona
Lineup: Satori and more



3. Honey Dijon and more @ Nitsa Club (Sala Apolo)

honey dijon apolo nitsa entradas xceed mejores fiestas noviembre barcelona

She smashed the European scene a couple of years ago, but Honey Dijon has been burning dance floors much longer in her native US. Her passion for grooves, lo-fi and house took her from a very young age to clubs and record stores all over Chicago. That’s the city that saw her become what she’s today, an international house DJ and a guarantee of fun, joy and good vibes. Her always interesting selection will do the rest on this great night at Nitsa Club.

When: Friday, November 22nd
Where: Sala Apolo
Lineup: Honey Dijon and more



2. Andrea Oliva and more @ ANTS x Sight (Opium Barcelona)

ants andrea oliva pacha barcelona mejores fiestas noviembre entradas xceed

The season in Ibiza is over, but that doesn’t mean that the colony doesn’t continue to travel its way around the world. ANTS will once again dye Opium in black and tech-house sounds thanks to its creator, the Swiss Andrea Oliva, and two exceptional guests: the German Matthias Tanzmann and the Chilean Francisco Allendes, who celebrates in 2019 the 10th anniversary of his great hit “Llovizna”.

When: Friday, November 8th
Where: Opium Barcelona
Lineup: Andrea Oliva, Francisco Allendes and Matthias Tanzmann



1. Enrico Sangiuliano and more @ INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club

enrico sangiuliano input mejores entradas fiestas noviembre barcelona xceed

Since publishing his edit of DJ Boris’ “Can You Hear Me”, Italian Enrico Sangiuliano has only grown and become bigger. That happened in 2015. For the next 3 years, he was the best-selling techno artist on Beatport. “Moon Rocks”, “Preset Heaven” and “Astral Projection” are just some of his greatest hits, although there are many more. Probably, many of them are still far from being released, although we will be able – for sure – to listen to them exclusively on this great night at INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club. The club’s abysmal Funktion One sound system is already getting ready for what will undoubtedly be the most powerful party of the month of November in Barcelona.

When: Friday, November 22nd
Where: INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club
Lineup: Enrico Sangiuliano, Hitch and The Deals



(Cover Image: © Ovidio Rey from Pexels)


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