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New Year’s Eve 2019-2020 in France: the best parties

France is a beautiful country which offers you a vast diversity of options to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Either you’re looking for a vibrant city or a calm village in the mountains the offers are so many that surely celebrating the end of the decade in France is a great idea. Let’s take a look at the list of the best events for the last night of the year!



Mustang NYE @ à la folie paris

Xceed-Paris-à la folie paris-Mustang-NYE

In the heart of Parc de la Villette, in the beautiful and romantic Paris, there’s one of the gems of the city’s nightlife. To celebrate the end of the year, Mustang, the most gay-friendly party in town is ready to hug 2020 with the best atmosphere possible, enjoying the music of Boris, Joris Cudmore, Chris Cruse b2b Kiddy Smile and Frederic Djaaleb.

When: Tuesday, December 31st
Where: à la folie paris
Line up: Boris / Joris Cudmore b2b Chris Cruse / Kiddy Smile / Frederic Djaaleb




New Year’s Eve 2020 @ BADABOUM


Celebrations in town are hot and in the heart of la Bastille even more. In the exclusive BADABOUM, the new year is going to arrive with the best vibes possible. On the decks Mila, Kobar, Arceka, Dialogue/s, Bärchen and Pure are going to set the pace in the night and make all the clubbers dance until dawn.

When: Tuesday, December 31st
Line up: Milan / Kobar / Arceka / Dialogue/s / Bärchen / Plura



One More: Kristofo, Antony Adam & more @ Rex Club

Xceed-Paris-Rex Club-NYE

Every clubber who loves electronic music knows about Rex Club. If you are a clubber, you love electronic music and moreover you’re in Paris to celebrate New Year’s Eve, then the right option for you is definitely Rex Club. The night will go on until the first rays of light with Kristofo, Antony Adam, Rafaël Murill and Papa est Maman. Get ready to move!

When: Tuesday, December 31st
Where: Rex Club
Line up: Kristofo / Antony Adam / Rafaël Murillo / Papa est Maman



Dehors Brut NYE: Make It Deep x Dure Vie

Xceed-Paris-Dehors Brut-NYE

Celebrations are great, if people join forces even more. It’s the case of Dehors Brut, Dure Vie and Make it Deep who have organized a massive New Year’s Eve party for all the clubbers in Paris. The love for music will probably bring you here, to celebrate with your friends in the right way.

When: Tuesday, December 31st
Where: Dehors Brut



New Year Oréades “Mystic Door”


Choosing Glazart as the place to greet the new decade, you’re also going to choose a journey into psytrance music. The vibes in fact are going to be exactly these with psytrance, ethno and progressive music. On the deck there are going to be Did Vortex, Olive, Goamina, Zambu, Gel Flin and Shahid Kawa and Dj Drenan.

When: Tuesday, December 31st
Where: Glazart
Line up: Did Vortex / Olive / Goamina / Zambu / Gel Flin and Shahid Kawa / Dj Drenan



Sacré Nouvel @ Sacré


Double celebrations in the two exclusive rooms of Sacré: Room 1, Les Abysses du Délice; and Room 2, Le Joli Purgatoire. Music and dances are surely going to be the protagonists of the night, alongside smiles, joy and happiness. The music will be under the control of Hors-sol, Charlotte (RA+RE), KHALK, Jolly (1), Lastyuska, LeLeon, Lüüd Discs and Annabella Coste.

When: Tuesday, December 31st
Where: Sacré
Line up: Hors-sol / Charlotte (RA+RE) / KHALK / Jolly (1) / Lastvuska / LeLeon / Lüüd Discs / Annabella Coste



Colors Show w/ Nicolas Cuer & Lorent Air @ ÈKS Club

Xceed-Montpellier-ÈKS Club-NYE

If you have chosen Montpellier as the city in which you’d like to celebrate the end of this decade, then one of the best options you can chose is surely ÈKS Club. You’ll be dancing until dawn with the show of the Colors Show crew and sound of Nicolas Cuer & Lorent Air. Get ready for a magical night!

When: Tuesday, December 31st
Where: ÈKS Club
Line up: Nicolas Cuer & Lorent Air




New Year’s Eve 2020 @ DIEZE Warehouse

Xceed-Montpellier-Dieze Warehouse-NYE

At just a few minutes from the city centre of Montpellier, there’s DIEZE Warehouse. What does this mean? That if you’re in town this is your perfect plan for New Year’s Eve. What would you want more? Of course, music! And you’ll be satisfied also under this point of view, as on the mix there are going to be Michel Cleis, Cassy, Chordial and Djena.

When: Tuesday, December 31st
Where: DIEZE Warehouse
Line up: Michel Cleis / Cassy / Chordial / Djena




New Year’s Eve 2020 @ PZ City Club

Xceed-Montpellier-PZ City Club-NYE

One of the other points of reference for Montpellier’s nightlife is without doubt PZ City Club. In occasion of the New Year’s Eve celebrations, the two rooms of the club will be filled with two different styles of music. In Room1, the one of progressive and techo there will be Hammerer, Bartok & Canadas and Cyril M; while Franck Heinzmann and Flo Exposito will be in the funky chic Room2.

When: Tuesday, December 31st
Where: PZ City Club
Line up: Hammerer / Bartok & Canadas / Cyril M / Franck Heinzmann / Flo Exposito




ALL IN – Casino New Year’s Eve 2020 @ Heat Club

Xceed-Montpellier-Heat Club-NYE

What’s better than an All In to say goodbye to a decade and welcome a brand new one? A massive Casinò style party is awaiting in Heat Club, with some great surprises as well. Celebrate the new year until dawn with the music of Pan’s, Rawdolff and Krooner.

When: Tuesday, December 31st
Where: Heat Club
Line up: Pan’s / Rawdolff / Krooner






Gloire et Paillettes @ Palais de la Bourse

Xceed-Marseille-Palais de la Bourse-NYE

In the wonderful location of Palais de la Bourse, the dreamy night in which this decade is going to finish is awaiting. Its elegant atmosphere creates the perfect situation to celebrate with friends and lovers, to have fun until dawn and enjoy the music of Collectif SOIR, DJ Trackworks, Ben Agd, A1B2 and friends. If you know them, you know they’re are going to make you dance, for real.

When: Tuesday, December 31st
Where: Palais de la Bourse
Line up: SOIR / DJ Tracksworks / Ben Agd / A182





 (Cover Image: © Erwan Hesry via Unsplash)