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Interview with Edu Clará, director of Barcelona’s INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club

Edu Clará is the director of one of the biggest and most well know clubs of Spain Input High Fidelity Dance Club , but he’s also the Head of the label Yakazi, and a DJ full of talent, HITCH. Tonight, Friday 9th June, he’s welcoming Fur Coat for another insane party. Let’s get to know better the man behind all those responsibilities.


1) First, do you sleep at all? 😀 How do you manage to keep ahead of so many projects?

20 min per day? (Laugh) No I’m kidding. I have to say, it’s not easy but I think the key to success is doing things with passion, putting all your efforts together, and above all having a good planning and coordination.


2) Let’s start from the club, Input. In less than two years you managed to achieve what take most clubs several years… What’s the story & the secret behind the project? How can you manage to book so many amazing artists week after week?

Secret? There are no secrets… Just work, work and work.

In my opinion, we have a key element: our human resources. All the people involved in this project are putting so much effort and energy, and this is valuable. That’s the reason why making people feel like at home is so important. If you manage to make people feel proud to be part of the project, they will make the most of themselves and commit themselves more than ever.

INPUT is like a family, everyone is welcome.


3) An artist you dream to bring to Input?

HITCH! (Laugh) No seriously, it’s a tough question… But managing to invite Daft Punk would probably be my biggest dream.


4) This Friday your label, Yakazi, showcases at Input with Fur Coat. For those who don’t know it yet, how would you describe Yakazi?

YAKAZI is a label that I created with Andre Buljat a few years ago. Our musical origins and beliefs have lead us to create Yakazi. In this label we intend to draw an expressive universe that flows through various melodic and rhythmic scenarios, in which good taste prevails trends.

We are not the best, nor are we different; we just love what we do and profoundly believe in it. We are committed to a warmer, human, spacious, imperfect and pure sound; always defending what we love to hear, what we like to feel, how we prefer to dance, and the moments we enjoy the most. Yakazi is the musical seed of our past which comes to fruition in the present by going back to our roots but always staying true to the sonic background that has made us grow and evolve. The result of this is a limited edition of vinyl and digital releases carefully tailored by some of the leading and most prized artists of the current electronic music scene.

Our mission is to move people. Our satisfaction comes from enjoying ourselves through music. Without music we would not be here.


5) What can you tell us about the label’s future? What should we expect from you guys in the second half of 2017?

Our forthcoming release is on sale today (9th June). A release from Butane backed up with a trippy remix from Brett JohnsonMoreover, we have a couple of releases from highly respected producers that will be released within the following months. On the other hand, we’ve got a showcase during Off week and a couple of YAKAZI showcases more during the year.


6) 3 tracks you’ll be listening until your death? Your favorite track to close a set?

Not easy… I’ve got tons of tracks that will forever shape my life going forward like:

Pulp – Common People

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights

Howling – Litmus

Snake Corps – This Is A Seagull

Peter Murphy – All Night Long

I´ve got a couple of fav closing tracks like:

Undreground Resistance. Transition
Xpress 2. Muzik Xpress
Boo Williams.  Mortal Trance
Aril Brikha. Groove La Chord
Future Four. Into Orbit
To name a few…