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San Juan 2019 in Barcelona: guide with the best day and night parties

San Juan. The shortest night of the year. The one in which fire is no longer confined to darkness but becomes a common festive element. Pyrotechnics. Unlimited noise. Bonfires. Meetings without being afraid of time. No fear of the clock. The best night of the year to celebrate, dance and shout outdoor. Under the sun. Under the moon and the stars. And, in most cases, free. Totally free. Trace your route and make the most of it. At Xceed, we have it all. Welcome to the Night of San Juan 2019 in Barcelona.


Beach parties

As we already said, meetings near the sea, where fire and water are closer than in any other night of the year, are the most common in San Juan – and 2019 won’t be an exception. Many of the great promoters and parties of the city, as well as some night clubs, move to the beach to continue offering their musical proposal in a different and special location.


FACT meets THE HOME @ GO Beach Club Barcelona

fact the home san juan edition

From 5 pm to 5 am. 12 hours of music in which The Home team joins FACT (promoter behind Pacha’s electronic nights) to dance with the tech and groove sound of both brands. Everything, in the GO Beach Club, next to the Mediterranean Sea. Last tickets on sale!

When: Sunday, June 23rd
Where: GO Beach Club
Lineup: Hector, Chris Main, David Gtronic, Juarez, Rendher, Vidaloca, Viviana Casanova and Stiv Hey



INPUT goes to… Secret Location

input goes to the beach sant joan edition

We still can’t reveal the location of the party organized by INPUT, the club with the best sound system of the city. What we do know is that they will keep taking care of the sound with their best battle partner, Funktion One. For 12 hours, from 8 pm till late, the techno sound lovers have an appointment with their favourite club’s resident DJs and with Hector Couto, who will be the special guest of the night.

When: Sunday, June 23rd
Where: Secret Location
Lineup: Hector Couto, Hitch, The Deals, Pau Guilera and Jones May



Checkpoint Sant Joan 2019 Beach Party @ Mokaï Beachbar (Platja Nova Icària)

checkpoint san juan edition beach

Checkpoint’s family never disappoints. Restless diggers, vinyl collectors, in their parties they always propose a selection which is far from the big spotlights and in which house, micro and dub coexist between high-precision analogue mixes. The appointment is in Mokaï of Nova Icària for another marathon, from 6 pm to 6 am.

When: Sunday, June 23rd
Where: Mokaï Beachbar
Lineup: TBA



HEX Sant Joan 10h Beach Rave @ La Carmelina

hex sant joan edition beach

The greatest rave. Undoubtedly. Techno sound, EBM, electro, acid… We all know the spirit of HEX. On San Juan’s night, the most forceful, harsh and accelerated rhythms of Barcelona will gather at La Carmelina, facing the sea, combining all the elements in one and letting the music of its resident artists and other DJ friends give free rein to imagination and to the pleasure of dancing. From 7 pm to 5 am.

When: Sunday, June 23rd
Where: La Carmelina
Lineup: Lorenzo Raganzini. Pøli, Neiland, Rabent, Petru, SCDR, Oriol De Vigo, Yüri and Laia Lesoft



NOM Beach Side Sant Joan 2019 @ Via Moana Beach Bar

nom sant joan beach edition

Even the most relaxed, spiritual and nomadic option of NOM approaches the sea, in this case Via Moana, in Bogatell, to live the most ethnic and tribal experience under the moon, with the sound of the habitual artists of the party. It will last 12 hours (from 6 pm to 6 am).

When: Sunday, June 23rd
Where: Via Moana Beach Bar
Lineup: Viton, Nick Varon, Jade Rolt, Pedro Capelossi, Ale Marquez, Amadori, Gespona, Ryan and Rivellino



This Side UP Sant Joan 2019 Beach Night Party @ Bo Kaap Beach Club

this side up sant joan beach edition

The already consolidated club This Side UP goes to Bo Kaap, in the heart of Barceloneta, to make us dance with their exquisite electronic music selection based on nu-disco, Italo-house, melodic house and techno, the most classic and organic electronic music, purist sounds and a wink or two of Latin techno from the other side of the pond. Habitual artists from the city, like Locked artists, will be there too. From 9 pm to 5 am.

When: Sunday, June 23rd
Where: Bo Kaap Beach Club
Lineup: Stephan Barnem, Kasanks, Julì, RITHA, Gerard Bauza, Martin Noise and Diego Montiel



Parties in clubs

Although most clubs and promoters, as you can see, are moving to the beach, there are a few who choose to open their doors and continue offering their indoor experience during the shortest night of the year. Here are two great clubbing options for those who don’t want to stop doing what they like best.


Birds Of Mind, SIS and Ali Kuru @ Samsara (Opium Barcelona)

samsara birds of mind opium barcelona sant joan

Samsara is the new party that turns Opium Barcelona’s Sundays into a meeting place for those who love a refined electronic sound, focused on ethnicity, tribal dance and the most spiritual experience of music. On San Juan’s Eve, the elegance of Opium will receive the precious textures of Birds Of Mind, SIS and Ali Kuru.

When: Sunday, June 23rd
Where: Opium Barcelona
Lineup: Birds Of Mind, SIS and Ali Kuru



NVA, Jerry Dandrige and more @ AUDAX (The Garage of The Bass Valley)

audax the garage the bass valley sant joan party

The new The Garage of The Bass Valley, located in L’Hospitalet and equipped with one of the most cutting-edge sound systems on the planet, will open its doors free of charge to receive AUDAX, one of the most aggressive techno proposals in Barcelona. Rave spirit, industrial sound and very little light is what one will find in the sessions of NVA, Jerry Dandrige and the other guests.

When: Sunday, June 23rd
Where: The Garage of The Bass Valley
Lineup: NVA, Jerry Dandrige, Luis Sierra and Dave Hook b2b Tòner



Rooftop parties

We know that good weather is one of the great attractions of Barcelona and that many of you enjoy the rooftop pre-parties. For this reason, we didn’t skip this option.


80’s Free Rooftop Party Sundays Edition @ Hotel América Barcelona

80's rooftop party sant joan edition

By the hand of the great Yves Samuel Jawahal, the best music of the ’80s will be played from 6 pm to 10 pm, in the Setè Cel of Hotel América, one of the most welcoming and striking rooftops of the so-called Manzana Dorada (Golden Square) of Barcelona. Classics such as Michael Jackson, Boney M or Depeche Mode are very common at these parties. Great plan to get the day off in the right mood.

When: Sunday, June 23rd
Where: Hotel América Barcelona
Lineup: Yves Samuel Jawahal



The Monday big party

Up to now, we have been talking of Sunday and the San Juan night. But what about the 24th? What can be done in Barcelona during such a holiday? Here’s the solution.


La Milenia Sant Joan Edition @ La Milenia

la milenia sant joan edition

From 8 am to 10 pm. There you go. 14 non-stop hours of electronic music mainly house and techno, with melodies and vocals always present, wrapped by a top quality groove and a top of the line Funktion One sound system. La Milenia is a charming masìa (traditional Catalan country house) located about 20 minutes by car or taxi from Barcelona, in the heights, with a large interior space and a large outdoor garden. There, you will be able to enjoy a daytime party from 8 in the morning, outdoors, throughout the day, in which artists of proven ability such as Eduardo de la Calle, Ströme (who will carry out a live hardware) and a special guest still to be revealed, among many others, will make sure that you will not feel like going home.

When: Monday, June 24th
Where: La Milenia
Lineup: Eduardo De La Calle, Ströme (hardware live), Kasanks, Gerard Bauza, Diego Montiel, Turko, Kuunde, Zonzo, Chico Simon, Beniso, Xols, Phosky, Julì and a Special Guest still to be revealed


(Cover Image: © Kyle Peyton on Unsplash)



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