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10 events not to miss this March in Portugal

It’s a March made of big names, of real legends. Portugal is hottest than ever with a super-rich agenda of an amazing list of events. It’s almost the festival season, and Portugal lately has made itself known thanks to festivals as BPM or NEOPOP.  Let’s check out the list of events we selected for whoever is in Portugal this month!



NEOPOP w/ Laurent Garnier @ Hard Club

Xceed-Porto-Hard Club-Laurent Garnier

March kicks off in the best way possible with the absolute number one: Laurent Garnier. And who could have offered such a quality night in Porto if not the NEOPOP organization? After the shows of Paco Osuna, Paul Ritch and Zadig, the Portuguese crew is in fact getting ready for the great 15th edition of the festival (which will take place in August) in great style. Since decades now he delights generations of clubbers who, young or not, know Laurent Garnier as one of the electronic music legends.

When: Friday, March 6th
Where: Hard Club, Porto
Line up: Laurent Garnier




DJ Seinfeld @ Pérola Negra

Xceed-Porto-Pérola Negra-DJ Seinfeld

Listed as a historical monument, Pérola Negra is a delightful music gem in Porto. Over the years it has offered its clients a big variety of different events and continues doing so nowadays. DJ Seinfeld is the type of artist who clearly demonstrates the high level of music that can the club adds to its programming. Known especially for his track “U”, DJ Seinfeld is also known for his pure house music, with a lo-fi touch which makes it also unique.

When: Saturday, March 7th
Where: Pérola Negra, Porto
Line up: DJ Seinfeld




Rebekah @ Gare Porto

Xceed-Porto-Gare Porto-Rebekah-Amulador-James Grouper

If you are a rave techno fan, then you must know very well the name of Rebekah. The British DJ, now based in Berlin, has made herself known for her raw and hard 132 BMP techno, playing around the world for over 20 years. She also was the
face of Chris Liebing’s CLR for a certain period of time, and this isn’t any surprise. Alongside Amulador and James Grouper, Gare Porto’s walls are going to vibrate, a lot.

When: Friday, March 13th
Where: Gare Porto, Porto
Line up: Rebekah / Fúria / Adeline Rose / Qwëzall / Ornella




Fatboy Slim @ Idustria Club

Xceed-Porto-Industria Club-Fatboy Slim

It seems that March is the month of legends in Portugal, and more precisely in Porto. Industria Club, one of the actual points of reference of the town, is warming up the engines for a special night, with an even more special guest. The mythical Fatboy Slim is arriving on the Portuguese land, bringing his energy, positive vibe and very well known lifetime classic tunes, which made of him one of the most known names in the dance history.

When: Friday, March 20th
Where: Industria Club, Porto
Line up: Fatboy Slim




12 Years Of Gare w/ DVS1 @ Gare Porto

Xceed-Porto-Gare Porto-DVS1-Amulador

Another night in Gare Porto, this time to celebrate its 12th anniversary. Over 10 years of underground vibes in Porto, which made of this venue one of the historical clubs in Europe. To celebrate this special event, an exclusive extended set of DVS1, the vinyl lover (he has over 30.000!). As a resident of Berghain and Panorama Bar, he’s style and selection is one of the most interesting of the scene. Together with Amulador the party is going be big, get ready.

When: Saturday, March 28th
Where: Gare Porto, Porto
Line up: DVS1 / Amulador





Truncate @ Ministerium Club

Xceed-Lisbon-Ministerium Club-Truncate-Hollden-Fúria-Quizak-Claudio Gomez

Ministerium Club and Disturb are a great combination when it comes to fun, party and music. After a great season where artists such as Amelie Lens, Ø [Phase], Nur Jaber, Sam Paganini, SNTS and Anetha, and the live shows of 999999999 and Boston 168, it’s the turn of the American Truncate. After having been in the best venues of the world, as Berghain, Womb, Fabric, Awakenings and more, Ministerium was amongst the perfect choices in Portugal. He’ll be sharing the deck with Holldën, Fúria, Quizak and Claudio Gomez.

When: Saturday, February 7th
Where: Ministerium Club, Lisbon
Line up: Truncate / Höllden / Fúria / Quizak / Claudio Gomez




Josh Wink and Lazara Hoche @ Focus

Xceed-Lisbon-Focus-Fuse Matiné-Josh Wink-Lazare Hoche

Fuse Matiné never goes small, it’s a fact. Two dancefloors for 8 hours of party, plus the new Alcântara area, in the new Focus venue. The two stages will be headlined by respectively the British Josh Wink and the Parisian Lazare Hoche. Together with Johan, Kween, Miguel Torga, Nox, Paul Day and the Slum Vagabungs, it’s going to be a special night, as every night organized by Fuse Matiné.

When: Saturday, March 14th
Where: Focus, Lisbon
Line up: Josh Wink / Lazare Hoche / Johan / Kween / Miguel Torga / Nox / Paul Day / The Slum Vagabunds




Fuse all night w/ Mathame @ Kremlin

Xceed-Lisbon-Kremlin-Fuse All Night-Mathame-The Slum Vagabunds

Their success is undeniable, their producing skills even more. In fact, it was in fact of their “Farewell”, which came out on Afterlife, that their career really kicked off. Travelling all around the world with the Afterlife crew, as well as on their own, the two Italian brothers will bring their hybrid set to Kremlin, in Lisbon. Alongside The Slum Vagabunds, the resident beloved duo of the club.

When: Friday, March 27th
Where: Kremlin, Lisbon
Line up: Mathame / The Slum Vagabunds




Rebels 5 Years w/ Carlo Lio, Hito, Nathan Barato and Stefano Noferini @ Casal de Paulos

Xceed-Lisbon-Casal De Paulos-Rebels-Carlo Lio-Hito-Nathan Barato-Stefano Noferini

Rebels is about to celebrate its 5th anniversary in Casal de Paulos, in Lisbon. But we know that the organization touched base also in Algarve, Tenerife, Ibiza, Rio de Janeiro, Vigo, Miami, México and Switzerland. And the parties were held not only in different countries, but also in castles, convents, stadiums, the BPM Festival and Kremlin, the house of Rebels. Carlo Lio, Hito, Nathan Barato and Stefano Noferini are going to be the stars of the night, even though the real star is going to be no one but Rebels. For sure, seeing the line up, it’s going to be real fun.

When: Saturday, March 28th
Where: Casal de Paulos, Lisbon
Line up: Carlo Lio / Hito / Nathan Barato / Stefano Noferini





Davide Squillace @ São Mamede CAE

Xceed-Guimaraes-Sao Mamede CAE-Davide Squillace-Barbara Lago-Klash-Mesk

São Mamede CAE loves techno, house and especially tech house. After the very succesful night with Dennis Cruz, another tech house star of the industry, Davide Squillace. Member of Better Lost Than Stupid, alongside Martin Buttrich and Matthias Tanzmann, part of the Circoloco family and resident of United ANTS. Not enough? The Neapolitan DJ and producer, owner of the label This and That, is going to share the decks with Bárbara Lago, Klash and Mesk.

When: Saturday, March 14th
Where: São Mamede CAE, Guimarães
Line up: Davide Squillace / Bárbara Lago / Klash / Mesk 




(Cover Image © Andrea Brücker via Unsplash)


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